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I've been searching the net for info on these kits and this is some of what I've found so far.


assembly instructions


interesting info






Great Idea starring this discussion!

I took the assembly instructions link you supplied below and made a condensed version.

Mikov Auto Asm Instructions.pdf


Mikov kit cam in the mail today.

Here are some pictures, what I really like about this design is the spring can be easily replaced.



This kit came with a single leaf spring which looks like it was coated or anodized, probably to resist rust. I know they come with double springs that each are half the width of this one, like in this video. I don't know what is better to have, one spring or two.

I just had to preasemble it to see how it looks. Now for the handle material..I was thinking buffalo horn or maybe fosilized mamoth tusk?  Hmmmm....


I just answered my own question, the double springs make it open faster. The same guy sell those too.



Nice pre-assembly pic w/ # 745.jpg !!!  Nice pics all around !!!


Daniel Howland said:

Mikov kit cam in the mail today. Here are some pictures ...


I received notification of shipment on mine .. should see it early next week.


I've some black linen micarta destined for scales on mine. I'm tempted to let all the steel soak in some ferric chloride for a day or two .. would make a nice match .. I think.


Also .. the gentleman from the Czech site seems to have a respectable reputation .. as noted here & here .   


Some more generic kit info here & here  ..  

Thanks Dan !!!

Daniel Howland said:

 I took the assembly instructions link you supplied below and made a condensed version.

 Mikov Auto Asm Instructions.pdf

I like the threaded fastners on THIS ONE  .

Thanks Dale!

I haven't started mine yet, too busy with work.

Good thing because now I'm thinking screws instead of pins... It's always nice to be able to disasemble a knife easily.

Great info on the above links...  Lots of opinions.



Keep the info coming guys, I am really starting to like the idea of this kit

Hello Jan,

Please get the kit and assemble it.

Lets compare notes.




Blade grind defect or are they all like this?

I just noticed the grind on one side of the blade is not straight, the center line swipes up toward the tip then back down.


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