Here's a place to share resources.

The pics will provide something to aspire too.

Share a little about your kit experience !!!






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Ya'll are moving right along on these.  Cant wait to see the finished products

I am back from my 2 weeks of training, it went well..

Dale I see you going with the screw idea! Very cool! Job is looking GREAT!

 I am looking forward to seing the finished product.

I am going to start making a leather case for mine.

Happy holidays!

@ Dan ..........  I actually managed to get quite a ways on the MIKOV before messing up a scale and deciding to wait until the mill to finish everything.

I was able to ream the pivot hole to 0.124 & implement a threaded pivot .. the frame holes were able to be tapped to 4-40 w/o being drilled (I did have to ream out the back-spring) .. and the small holes I tapped @ 2-56 for the scales .. again, w/o having to drill anything.

I screwed up on the left scale & had a counter-sink for one of the holes take off to the side :( and decided to wait for the mill.

Pics will eventually get posted. I must say .. I'm really liking it as a "screwed together" unit (even w/o scales) !!!

I had reason to re-visit this post & realized I failed to post any "finished" pics.


NOTE: Daniel Howland posted both "in-process" & "finished" pics. Kudo's to Dan !


I've since finished 2 MIKOV kits & will now post pics of them both. One for my south paw brother & the other for me.


vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv . R-handed version (mine) . vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . L-handed version (my brother's) . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Both versions seem to have come out fantastic.  One of the things I admire about these kits is that you CAN southpaw one.  (Donnie is southpaw also)

I didn't know that.


When we were just kids, I witnessed my brother experience difficulties when forced into the world built for R-handed people ..as opposed to.. using his genetically correct & favored hand. [Note: he's now 60 ..so.. he's long overcome those difficulties]. Still , it's unnatural !


It gave me great pleasure when my God given skills allowed me to build a knife designed specifically for his genetically correct handed. I was honored when I noted his appreciation. It was special ! Not just for him ..also.. for he & I. 


I've a soft spot relative to this issue. Should Donnie ever have a desire for a L-handed auto .. I'd be grateful for the opportunity to help.

Jan Carter said:   ...  (Donnie is southpaw also)


Very nice! 

I like how you made a spear pointy thing out of that dagger.

Hi, Dan .. it's good to hear from you !

I "clipped the point" to make it a more useful blade style for my brother & I. More so than the spear point .. for us anyway.


Unlike your full machine shop (I'm a bit envious) .. I've just the Grizzly G8689 Mini Mill. When I purchased it, I also put an additional 75% of the cost of the mill into tooling. I've since also added a belt drive system & an air counter balance  from "LittleMachineShop". I'm pretty sure you're the one that turned me on to "LittleMachineShop" .. thank you. Still, I often need to get a bit creative with what I have.


I mated an arbor mandrel to a 3.5" cut-off wheel & chucked up to the combination. I then firmly clamped the blade ..at the required angle.. into a vice. I then clipped the point after many many passing's with the cut-off wheel .. a few thousands at a time. I also ..very frequently.. sprayed water onto the blade to minimize any heat build-up to avoid impacting the temper of the blade. I was happy with the result.


! . Good to hear from you again . !




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