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I'm sorry, they bought out Walden Knife co.

Robert Burris said:

Is that a Simmons that bought out Schrade back in the 1920's?

I'm thinking yes.  E.C. Simmons was a powerhouse hardware store that went bankrupt in 1939 and then was bought by Shapleigh, its chief competitor in 1940.  Shapleigh owned the TM to Diamond Edge which eventually was applied to Schrade knives.    The Keen Kutter TM went from Simmons, to Shapleigh, to Val-test, to Frost (very shrotly) and then back to Val-Test.

Thanks for the history lesson. It always seems more complicated than first realized.

This is a Horseman's knife circa 1900. The notch in the handle in combination with the hoof pick serves as a nutcracker.

Real nice, I love vintage knives. This one has a little bit of everything.

S-K - that is an awesome knife, what a joy that must be to own that.

I love the toothpick on that old Horseman's knife. You could probably do extractions with it, too! lol

Very cool, old knife! Great jigging on that bone handle. And I also like the way that shield is pinned. That knife is quite a treasure!

That's a great looker S-K.I really do like equestrians. But do I really need to start collecting another pattern?

S-K, that is a great old knife but I'm like Tobias, I have plenty of patterns to collect. Thanks for posting.

This is a Richards Scout, made in the Novelty type design.

Robert, very nice RCMP Knife

Nice Mountie, Robert!  I've been trying to win one of those but I guess I keep bidding too low!  Here are my two scouts by Richards (Sheffield, Endland)


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