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Got Parker knives?

Post you pictures here!

I'll start it off With one from my brother-in-law Darrell Miller

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And here's the only one I have left...........

Parker Pearl Pendant


That's sure is nice. I only have 4 or 5 Parker knives. I will try to post pictures later.

Thanks Billy. I'd like to see those.

Picked this lock back up at a gift shop, years ago.

Cool JJ! I haven't seen one of those in many years!

Well, I guess it's time I should show a couple of them. A couple that I have are actually American Blade, but Parker produced them.  

Nice Billy! Those are blasts from the past!

I really like the Stag lockback.

Parker used several different companies in Japan. That's the reason why some of the Parker knives would be great quality, and some would be close to junk! A few of his lockbacks were made in the same factory as Al Mars, and were as good of a quality! I had several like that. They were polished inside and out, and smoooth as butter!

here is one that is top notch...then one that is so,so,,,but pretty cool,but, both have rarely used eagle shilds...the shiloh is nice,good quality!

Nice Jeff! Yeah, the Shilohs were very nice knives. The lockback Whittlers were pretty rough. The worst Parker was the Copperhead. It would GRIND so bad when you opened the blades you could almost see the metal particles falling out! LOL! A friend of mine at the time stuffed Simichrome in the joints (!) and worked the blades back and forth while he watched tv. After about two weeks it was as smooth as butter! Then he washed it out and and re-oiled.


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