According to legend, there were ceremonies for harvesting plants with magical powers. Harvesters must never use iron tools, since the iron interferes with all of the beneficial elements of the plant. Plants should be harvested at night under the rising phase of the moon, or right before sunrise while the ground is still wet with magic moon dew. Most importantly, of course, the harvester should be nude in order to increase the likelihood of choosing herbs with the strongest therapeutic powers. So, the next time you see someone gardening naked at 4 am, don’t be afraid, its obviously just a garden witch!
Hawthorne trees are considered to be the most magical. It is believed that witches and sorcerers cast spells under their branches. In Ireland, the belief was that fairies lived in Hawthorne trees. If any harm was done to the trees, it was almost considered a death warrant to those who violated it!
A witch’s garden includes many herbs, which are common today:

Mint helps fight nausea when consumed in a tea, and can be used to fight evil and illness.

Rosemary is considered to have protective properties, warding off evil spirits and keeping harm from reaching your doorstep, plant it by your garden gate.

Lemon Balm is an anti-depressant, an aphrodisiac, and is considered magical for attracting bees.

Basil brings luck, love, and money. It is best when grown near tomatoes to deter pests.

Sage improves memory and fertility. It is believed to assist with immortality, and it is great when used as an anti-inflammatory. Sage was also thought to help fight the plague.

Other plants found in a Witch’s garden include:

Peonies – Their roots were worn around the necks of those with epilepsy and thought to help cure insanity. They are believed to protect against nightmares, the devil, and storms.

Mandrake- Considered to magically bringing happiness, prosperity, and fertility to a home if placed on a mantel. It is said to attract love, creativity, and psychic abilities. *PLEASE NOTE, Mandrake is poisonous! It is not for consumption and should not be grown anywhere near edible plants!*

Foxglove is said to be able to “raise the dead and heal the living.” Foxglove is believed to attract fairies and break curses. It is poisonous for humans, unless processed properly in a lab for heart and kidney medicine, so be warned!

Fennel- This popular plant for cooking is known to increase courage and confidence in those who eat it. It is considered to be purifying and offer protection

Marigolds are planted for their ability to keep bugs out of gardens and off of tomatoes. However, according to legend, they can assist in favorable outcomes, such as in legal matters or business affairs. They assist in renewing personal energy and being a protective charm for homes. In Mexico, Marigolds are used for guiding spirits from the Land of the Dead to their alters on Dia de los Muertos.

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Almost all of these are grown in my garden but I am not going out in the woods at 4am to garden naked LOL

ALSO, I am most certainly going to use my knife

Go out at 4:00 in the mornin, I can see Donnie lockin the door and going back to bed. 


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