I think it should be law that everyone has to catch at least one fish before they decide to leave this world, I think if they did, this would be a much happier place to live. 



Ever since I was little, my grandfather had a boat, big 14 passenger pontoon boats, little old aluminum boats that would barely float. In his time he had some really big boats, every weekend we'd all head up to Erie Pa, a couple hours worth of driving, but it was always a blast. We would have at least 9 people every time, but when the whole family decided to go it would be a huge mob of friends. Some would fish, while others would stay back at the cabin and swim. We did alright with the fishing, and usually everyone caught a few fish before the trip was over.


But that was never my kind of fishing, I've always enjoyed a quiet stream in a peaceful forrest. That hollow sound of you, and nothing. Sometimes those trout feel like monsters fighting for their lives, and others.... not so much. But, it's more about the surroundings on a trip like this, knowing you can enjoy a visit to the outdoors without harassment. 


But, different strokes, for different folks.

There are people who enjoy a placid lake and a lawn chair, while others, a quiet stream and a stringer full of rainbows. People change fishing everyday, they add their own little twist to things, and it keeps this place interesting.


I'd love for you to share, stories, techniques, secrets, recipes, and just a general love for the sport of fishing. So if you have something to add please don't hold back. 

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The big pelegics are great for fighing, the chase and the fight mae it fun.  There is however nothing like fly fishing in a nice quiet stream to make you love life 

Johnny-I agree with you. Nothing is more important than the quality time you spend taking your kids fishing and/or hunting or just going by yourself.

The only time I really feel close to my Creator is when I'm in "His World", fishing on my boat and admiring all the natural beauty He has created for us to enjoy and appreciate.

I was asked to catch some game fish for a big fish fry for a group involed in an Art and Heritage of Louisiana get together. So, a friend and I caught a big mess for the event. We cleaned and fried them for a great time. I wish y'all could have been there.

I wish I could have been there just for the catching, I think that would be a few hours of fun. Yep, just BSing knives while wetting a line, sounds like the life to me. Great pics, and thanks for sharing my friend.
I certainly wish we had been there, for the fishing and the eating
Miss Jan and Johnny, I wish y'All could have been there, talk about fun. Some good eating too.  If I say a knife can take it I really mean it..lol
What did you use to clean them with?
I'll post a picture of them when my photo lady gets back.
Hows the cabin?
Work lots of work. About to Insulate and put up walls and ceiling. Next week.

Hi Johnny-I know we've "talked" before on similar subjects &  just wanted to let you know that you sound like a man after my own heart. I've been a fishing nut since I was a little boy. Grew up in Chicago but also spent a lot of time fishing in the midwest, southern states and up in Ontario. Even Alaska & the Yukon.  Other than going with my son & daughter when they were little or an occasional like minded friend, I ain't much for crowds or party boats. I like to be alone with nature on some remote river or desolate lake.

Fly me in on a float plane and drop me off at some  run down cabin where the only comfort might be a propane ice box and I'm happier than a pig in ....  as long as I got a small boat and a  fish'n pole in my hand. I like people, but in small doses and then I get along fine with those that know how to "paddle their own canoe"  and can appreciate the vast beauty and wilderness that the Great Spirit created for man's pleasure and fulfillment of life.

Yeah, you're absolutely right about folks needing to go fish'n at least once in their life and hopefully to spend some time away from civilization. The world would be a better place. At least that's my take on it and although I've grown older, that will never change.

Thank goodness not everyone thinks as I do as there are too few places left where a man (or woman) can be alone.



We feel the same way.  Not only fishing on a quiet stream or lake but also doing a slow troll with no other boats around on the ocean.  Sometimes its nice to shut the motor off and  drift with a light breeze.  Enjoying the nature for us sometimes means no land in sight, just the sea and the sky


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