I will be on the family farm for the 5th consecutive season, I will be spending it with my grandfather, I pray. His health has been failing since before I was even born, but he has fought everything thrown at him. I have enjoyed many mornings with him, it's become a tradition for us hunting together on the opening day and I know he would never want anything to change. Here is a pic of the shanty we will be hunting in.

The view is pretty good too, lots to see on an opening day here in PA.

So where will you be when the season starts?

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Wow Johnny, that is so different from my stand. I will take a picture when I can and show you.

I'd love to see what your stand looks like, I know just from hunting in different areas of Pa, things are almost always different. We hunt our farm and we can get away with box stands, but when I hunt at mu uncles place you want to be in the open. It's mostly wooded hills, so you always have to be looking and listening.

I wish I would have had my camera with me for bear season, I saw a beautiful 8 point, great area to be hunting in as well.

Well, I just finished an excellent Thanksgiving meal, I enjoyed the company of those that matter. Like always we get to the conversation of hunting. Monday marks the start of the season so everyone is getting their riffle and gear ready to go. I get first shot this year, according to my uncle. : )


Last year I woke him up to shoot a crab claw ten point, it was the nicest deer taken off the farm in a long time. He got it mounted and he got a good memory, I did too. I enjoy watching someone get a deer, it's a high for me to see someone succeed in the field. : )


It all starts tomorrow, the rifles are sighted, the knives sharpened. I will let you guys know what happens and I will share pics if we manage to get something on the ground.

Be Careful, Have fun and send pics even if you dont get something on the ground


The rain drizzled as the last few minutes of darkness remained. Soon, the sun would find it's way to the sky lighting our hunt. With the morning light came a heavy fog, I was a bit curious as to how this would affect the hunt, but the only way to find out was to hunt. The echo of rifle fire on opening day will without a doubt send chills down the spine of a true sportsman. 

The season Started with a bang and it ended with a bang. Perfect doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes the Lord smiles on you at just the right moment.

My brother Ethan was hunting the bottom stand this morning. The night before he had a fever 0f 102, I was worried he would miss the opener, but he pulled through, dressed warm and made the morning. I guess he fell asleep in the stand, which doesn't sound anything like him. (Sarcasm). Thankfully my Mom was in the stand with him, she spotted two buck as they slowly made their way to the open field. After a quick point count Ethan knew he had a legal buck, the buck that stepped out would never make another season. Ethan's shot was true and he has himself a unique buck.


Here is a pic of Ethan and his Deer.

Sorry about the pic quality, I didn't have time to break the good camera out, so these are all cell phone pics.

Good work Ethan!!!  Dont think he could smile any bigger Johnny

Ethan sure looks awful happy. Johnny, I haven't hunted in about 22 years. I mostly liked to hunt birds. Thanks for the picture. I always like to see hunting pictures.

After Ethan's shot we were all on high alert, we figured it might get the deer bedded in the pines moving, it did. We had a young buck run right to the stand, he was almost prancing. He broke off his right main beam, so he was only a three point, hopefully he can make it to another season. After that, I got a call from my Mom saying another big buck was headed from the hollow. 


I left the top stand with my uncle and we made are way to the truck. My uncle spotted the buck running a few hundred yards away. I got in gear and ran to the top of a hill not far away, the back stopped on a hillside opposite me, I took aim and let one fly. It was a good hit and the deer buckled, but he bounded off into the woods, his entrance was followed by three shot. My cousin was hunting that property so I had a good feeling he got the buck, after a text, I learned my suspicions were correct. It was a big bodied four point and I was glad that he got it. But, there was plenty of hunting left in the day.

After getting Ethan's deer on the hanger I headed back out to the stand with my uncle. Time started to slow up as the chances of deer movement slowed. There is always that chance of maybe a buck showing up, well it happened. Two and a half hours after Ethan took his buck, my buck stepped out. My uncle nudged me and I knew that there was game in the field, I thought it was a doe at first, but it stepped clear of a tree and I could see he had some headgear. He gave me a good shot and I dropped him in his tracks.

I was more than happy to double out with my brother, we had been hoping to do this for a while, thankfully we were blessed with the chance to complete this desire.

Here I am with my trophy of this season.

He is a tight little 8 point, not my biggest, but I'm thankful for the deer.

Well with with three buck taken off the farm before noon, we were all feeling great. The season had just started and yet for three hunters it had ended. I drug my deer over to the garage so we could skin it and I met up with my brother and I watched him skin his out. When he skins a deer it's like he's painting a picture, he's very much into doing it right. I know there are a lot of techniques on how to skin a deer, but Ethan's a the one I like to watch. With Ethan's deer skinned and quartered we had it bagged and in the fridge.


After a little break I went over and got my job started. I hadn't been there very long when I heard two shots from my uncles place, up the road. I didn't hear anything from my cousin so I assumed maybe he was just zeroing the rifle again. Well, a couple hours later I found out he had a nice 7 point on the ground. I don't have a pic yet, but I'll see what I can do.

Jan, Ethan has a big smile and it's great to see it. But, I would never underestimate the size of his smiles, they just seem to get bigger and bigger. : )


Billy, you should get a rifle and get out there, it's a lot of work after the kill, but it's a good time.

Thank you for the comments.


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