Please tell us about your Outdoor Adventures this Spring or Summer. Tell us the story and if you have pictures please post them to. I think it will be fun to hear about Outdoor adventures from all over the place. It can be anything from the Outdoors: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Collecting, Gardening, Picture Taking, Exploring and Scouting ext.... Please, let's hear what Ya'll are up to.

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Nice story, Ken. We turn loose a lot of Game Fish too sometimes. That's what we did the other day. We turned loose the Bass and Blue Gill. We didn't catch any Crappie. We keep our share of Pan Fish, when we have plans to cook them.

 My current outdoor adventures involve hitting the flea market and cooking dead animal parts on the Weber.  (Charcoal no gas -- Thank you very much!) I won't have time for  serious outdoor adventuring until late may through or July.  When does the contest end? 

My family's biggest fear/worry is that I plan to rebuild and improve the SS Kitty Litter; a pontoon style fishing float seat I made from PVC piping, empty kitty litter containers and duct tape!  I'm threatening to build a sail boat of recycled material! 

Tobias, sounds like you got some great ideas there.

Rusty, your instincts were right on- That is definitely a beaver- There is no mistaking that flat tail !!


Did OK get any of that rain and storms?  I pray you at least got the rain

Tobias, watch out for the beavers!  Great Pic Rusty


Glad you let him go a lonely fish makes a small meal and he gave you some fun today


That catfish looks so good!

I love wildlife photography - This is the newest denizen of my pond- Chased this litle bugger arround all last summer and finally this morning it decided to pose for a decent phoo- A Green Heron-


Everything is looking good Guys and Gals.

  Tobias, anything outside is Outdoors. A story from the past are a picture from when ever. I love the photo, you posted. So you are in, get the idea.

The girls picked a few berries today. The knife is one I use sometimes in the Spring.

Here is a few pictures of our recent camping trip. We also did some fishing. We had pan fried Catfish and Bass with fried eggs for breakfast one morning. Yum..Yum.

Great pics Robert, looks like you all had a terrific time. I wish i could have been there for that breakfast. LOL.

You made some memories.


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