Please tell us about your Outdoor Adventures this Spring or Summer. Tell us the story and if you have pictures please post them to. I think it will be fun to hear about Outdoor adventures from all over the place. It can be anything from the Outdoors: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Collecting, Gardening, Picture Taking, Exploring and Scouting ext.... Please, let's hear what Ya'll are up to.

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Now that's a knife!

I am glad you like it. When the end of May comes, some one will get her. I hope we get a few more entries in the Adventures or Outings.

Remember, one step out your door is the great Outdoors.

I do alot of fun outdoor things for myself. Soon will start fishing the Ohio River and fishing here at Lake Waynoka. But yesterday I had the privilege to volunteer at the VA Home to take 7 Veterans on a little fishing trip. These men who have served our country from WWII to Vietnam era got to enjoy the great outdoors. They caught 7 fish - Bluegill, Crappie and Bass. I loved hearing them talk among each other, my job was keeping them safe, baiting hooks and casting. There job was pulling in the fish. My heart goes out to older and disabled Veterans and I was so glad to be able to help. Maybe someone will help me one day when I am in their shoes. So this was my greatest outdoor adventure for Spring 2014.

Way to go Ken, that's real neat. I'm sure they enjoyed themselves. I've been taking the young ones out but that's great taking the older crowd to.

Great job, Ken!

Yall have a big heart.

yep its a beaver.....if he would have slapped that tail....you would have thought you was shot....fun to see wildlife close to the populated areas.....

Rusty R Halsey said:

That looks like a great fishing spot, and pretty to boot.  Not much into fishing myself, but I do enjoy walking along the river bank and watching the water and critters.  This time of year I have at least an hour after sunrise to walk before going into work.  Now, this walking is done close to town along a paved path so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted what I think was a beaver swimming along.  Maybe one of you could tell me if I'm right or not?  (And who knows, maybe this year I'll get a fishing license and try my hand at catching a fish!)

The past 3 weeks, Bald eagle flying over ....seen on 3 separate occasions....Well today coming home from shopping.

I saw 3 soaring over the bottom lands as I drove home...Just thinking about how close to civilization thee massive birds

must be....Makes you Think AMERICA every time you see one...and hearing them is fantastic also, hopefully I will get some

pictures to show soon.


Yes Mam, that's a Beaver. Thanks for Posting. We would love to see those Eagles. I know when I see one, I get excited. They are kinda rare around here.

Just a GOOD day here!

Great pics, Sue


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