I've spent most of my deer hunting career with my uncle John by my side. John is a very talented mechanic, machinist, electrician, plumber..... there are few things he can't do. He helped me change the breaks, rotors and calipers on my truck while being very sick in bed. I'd walk in, wake him up and ask what a certain "thingy" was and he would in great detail explain how I need to replace it, or remove it. My mechanical ability isn't my major selling point in life, but I'm good with following instructions. His impact on my life is an undeniable one.

Field hunting isn't for everyone, you sit and wait, and wait, and wait until finally something either gets hungry or gets bumped and runs for cover. So, it has the ability to go from zero to sixty real quick. My uncle has had some great success in his hunting career as far as getting deer the freezer goes, but up until recently he hasn't really gotten the chance to get a good buck. Things changed a few seasons ago as we sat on stand, my grandfather to my left and John to my right. The boredom must have set in because John and my grandfather were sawing logs, admittedly my eyelids were getting heavy too. 

Before the season started we agreed that I would get the first shot at any legal deer, we take turns. As I fought sleep something suddenly caught my eye. It was the trot of a good buck as he made his way for shelter in a pine grove across from our stand. I bumped John and told him "good buck, shoot it". I didn't even move for my own rifle as I watched John settle the crosshairs of his old Redfield scope on the bucks neck, his Browning barked death as the buck tumbled to the ground. We were both so excited we were shaking hands and hollering at the first good buck taken off the farm in years. 

No TV buck monster, but a great deer for us.

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A season later I found myself with a full tag after the first couple hours of our season, having shot a small eight. I had my deer quartered and in the cooler, but I had to be out there. I got to the stand and joined John as his spotter. He would dose and I would keep my eyes peeled. With an hour left of daylight I saw movement a few properties over and over a thousand yards away. We glasses a real good buck making way for a portion of pine grove that connects with our's. I told John that if the buck kept his speed he would be out in front of us with half an hour of daylight left, it was a guess at best.

With about a half hour of good shooting light left John lurched for his rifle. "There he is" he whispered in a silent shout. I thought he was joking, but soon my eyes fell upon the buck who burst out of the pines and ran head on to us. John's excitement affected his aim as I watched turf fly after his first shot. The buck zagged, but kept heading for us, again he fired and bits of ground flew, this time behind the buck. Racking another round John steadied and shot, nothing. With the third shot John chambered his fourth and final round, the buck froze and so did time.

"Boom, Whomp" The buck fell into a heap a hundred and fifty yards away. I handed John my rifle in case the buck got back up and I loaded his. The buck never moved again and soon we had another bruiser down. Unfortunately I can't find a pic of this buck right now.

Here is the only one I found. It's the one on the right, not the best mounts

Here is my Uncle John smiling after I filled a buck tag on opening day.

John got another good one this year, this time by himself. I was just sitting down to dinner when I got a phone call asking for a knife. John always carries a Buck 110 during hunting season, but he lost his.... guess who got a new Buck 110 for Christmas?

Looks like John is on a good buck streak!

Great story Johnny!  That was good of you to give your uncle the shot that had previously been agreed on as yours.

That must be great hunting with your grandfather and uncle.  I never got to hunt with my grandfather or father.  Even though I grew up on a farm, back then there just wasn't many deer around.  You almost never saw one.  I remember once when there was a deer feeding in the field with our cows.  It was such a rare sight that we all went out and stood by the fence and watched it.  I don't remember how old I was but I was pretty young because Dad was holding me.

I did hunt small game.  Growing up my favorite pastime was to grab the .22 rifle or 20 gauge shotgun and wander the fields and woods.  If I found something to shoot, fine.  If not, still fine.  I just enjoy the outdoors.

I have never deer hunted with my son but have hunted small game with him.  I hope in a few years to start hunting with my grandson.  He is only four now.

It will be a great experience Charles. My Grandson Nathan -14 yrs old-shot his first Deer from my blind with a Crossbow. I was right there with him. He was so excited. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything.

Ken, I sure hope to get that experience in a few years with Danny.  I will be 70 in May so by the time he is 14 I will be 80.  I figure if I am able to knock around in the woods, hunt, and ride my 4 wheeler for another ten years, I will be doing good.  Anything beyond that will be icing on the cake, an unexpected gift.

I Love Your Stories Johnny!


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