I thought I might add a comment or two concerning the “state” of knife show. There is no doubt that knife shows are decreasing in number and size. Vendors and customers are staying home and selling or buying on internet auctions and websites. It is disappointing to go and observe the “shrinking” show. That has been the case with the Parker Show for several years now. Fewer vendors means fewer varieties and quantities of knives offered for sale, but on occasion one can run across a knife or two that you had no idea you could find on someone’s table. That was the case for me this past weekend at the Parker Show – three vintage Schatt & Morgan’s and three Queen City posted here.

One additional comment: The knife and cutlery education that is available at a show is profound. Opportunities to talk to the Sargents, Cohans, Fishers, Fosters, Voyles, and Zalesky’s and many others with their years of experience and knowledge are not found on the internet. You find them at a show. I am hoping to attend more shows this coming year.

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I whole heartily agree.  A knife show is a great place to meet other knife folks and maybe find that special knife.  What a lot of folks don't understand is that the Voyles, the Daniels, the Mark Zalesky's and the Tommy Clarks at Blue Ridges table are the folks that have been in the business for a very long time and they are hungry to pass this knowledge on.  Come on is and ask, chat, get to know them!  The smaller dealers,  they want to meet the people that buys knives, they want to hear your opinions on what is selling now, what do you want to see!

BTW, David.  GREAT FINDS!!!!!!!!

Great knives!

You folks are so so lucky to have your knife shows. Nothing of that kind here in Aussie. Occasionally there are Antique & Collectible Firearms Shows with the odd knife here and there on a few tables - usually waaaaayyy over priced.

The only knife shows as such that we have are for custom makers which is great but the ratio of Traditional Folder makes to Traditional Fixed blade makers is about 50 to 1.   And they are absolutely swamped by the modern tactical brigade.

David I agree.Folks who haven`t gone to a decent show don`t know what they are missing.You can see endless amount of knives online,you can read posts from any number of people who have no clue what they are talking about.But you can go to a show and handle the knives you`ve seen.You can ask questions of people who you can look in the eye.Most of the people at shows are happy to answer your questions and just talk knives.

  I thought the Parker show was somewhat better attended that it has been,but maybe that was just me.I found a couple of nice pieces and met some new knife guys.I always look forward to the next show and what I might find and who I may meet. 

You know I have thought about this a lot.  The atmosphere is what was the big draw during the height of knife shows, who you could meet, see, talk too.  We need to get back to promoting this, the show needs to be a destination

I would have to agree completely.  There's knife shows, and more prominently, gun and knife shows scattered all over the US.  Go to one, meet some knife folks, and start talking.  You'll be amazed at what you'll see, find and learn over time.  I have been doing this for years.  I recently posted some photos from the NY Custom Knife Show held just a couple of months ago.  Please take a look and consider heading out to the next one in March if you're on the East coast.  The internet is invaluable nowadays for finding knives and information, which I greatly enjoy, but there is nothing compared to getting out there in person.  Get in the car, get to a show and have some fun!

Oh!  And by the way, those are GREAT pieces that you shared in your photos David - thank you!!

I can say attending knife shows is essential to growing as a collector .  The online reosurces let you look at pictures of knives and text - Not the actual knife, its condition, and how it was made. - the details. I also value the opportuntity to talk to people who have collected and know knives. 

Still, I have travel limits (self-imposed) - about 1/2 day driving each way, and one overnight.  So annually there are about four shows within my usual radius.  

Haven't been to the Greatest Knife Show in pigeon forge for quite a few years.....Well when they kept changing the date, it Left us working folk hard to keep track, used to be the first weekend in December....then the days changed to not include sunday.  It truly was a GREAT show....found lots of knives, enjoyed going to Voyles live auctions....So hope to see it come back with new dealers and more inventory.....

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it), I live in a small town, surrounded by other small towns in a small county, (big in area, not in population, no large towns or cities), and as far as I can find there is only one show, (a gun show), within 100 miles of here each year, (pretty small show). I attended that show a couple of years back and they had a couple of dealers selling tacticals, but no slip joints or custom knives at all. There are shows in SOCAL & NORCAL, but both are a looong way from here. Since CA is such a big state, and I'm in the middle, both are basically a five or six hour drive away. It's not a "run down the street to the local knife show" kind of thing, and certainly would be a two day trip at best. I tried to get away for Knife Expo 2015 in LA, but couldn't pull it off, and they haven't scheduled a show for 2016 as far as I can find. Basically, I'll attend a show as soon as I can find one, otherwise I'll have to rely on you guys for my knife show news.

That's the reason I look forward to the show season, around here, Syd.
Won't go to a "Gun & Knife" show.
Until this year, we had the Dalton show, and the Palmetto and Tarheel shows within a 6 week time frame. Dalton is a no starter, this year and I can't get a confirmation on the Tarheel show. Guess I had better make the Palmetto show count. Next year is a LONG time to wait for another shot.


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