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Brand new here, just had to share the joy of this find! 

as you can see, it's not mint, but has a respectable look. little bit of staining, old spotting. Also, the spring is broken. 

What is your opinion? should i have someone fix the spring and clean it up? I am inclined to leave it as is. 

I could not believe my luck in finding one of these rare birds!


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Real cool find Matt!  If it were me I'd try and get the spring repaired and shine the bolsters up some....but that's just me. 

However, this gem has character as it stands today and really doesn't need any help.

Thanks for sharing!

I think I would have it professionally repaired and cleaned to alleviate any further damage such as Pitting and such.

Great knife and an outstanding example!



That is a wonderful find!  Since this is a rare find, I hate to tell you whether it will make a difference, fixing it or not BUT I do know who can advise you and do the work if you choose Bill DeShivs .  Bill is an authorized repair person for a couple of different automatic companies and he is a collector.  Click his name, send him a message and see what he recommends 

Great find Brad! I enjoy cleaning some of my older knives here and there, However if it was my knife I think I would just wipe it down and give it a good oiling so it stays as it is. Just my opinion. Congrats on a great knife!!


Thanks for the discussion.. just wiping it down right now and plenty of time to decide :P


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