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I was gifted an Ulster Barlow.
The tang stamp on the mark side is two lines:
The pile side of the main has a "10" tang stamp. I presume the "10" is the pattern number.

I have been told the Ulster over Knife USA stamp is post 1941.
I would like to narrow down the age a bit more.
As you may know, there is not a lot out in web-space on Ulster Tang Stamps.

Does anyone know what years Ulster used this tang stamp?

Thanks in advance.

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!! Steve .. would you please upload a pic of the knife .. that would help tremendously !!


D ale is correct, this is difficult without a pic of the tang stamp.  Since you have a done some searching I am sure you have seen this page but I thought I would throw it out there for you anyway. Also you are correct a #10 pattern is a barlow



In the meantime I have have someone that can help us.  Let me reach out

I wish I could post a picture of it.
If it helps, the bolsters, liners, and back springs are all steel, and have a patina.
The blades are carbon steel. There are no tang stamps on the secondary pen blade.
I believe the covers are saw cut Delrin (or whatever Ulster called their Delrin), not bone.
The "ULSTER/KNIFE USA" tang stamp is all caps, block font, and straight, not arched.
The bolsters are stamped
in scrip letters.

I can email a picture, if you like.

!!! . Nice resources you posted , Jan. They are now "Bookmarked" on my computer .. Thank You . !!!
Steve .. if you might note the command bar along the top of "comment / reply" boxes .. the second icon from the left. It is a small pic icon. If you click on that .. an "ADD IMAGE" box will appear. It will prompt you to "BROWSE" your computer for the desired pic you wish to upload. i.e. browse your computer & click on the desired file & then click on the "UPLOAD" command located in the lower right of the "File Upload" box.


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