When you find a "DEAL" .. here's a place to post it.


Cutlery & cutlery related items.


Such that other members might also take advantage of the DEAL

.... IF ...

they've an interest in such.




I'll start the discussion with an item I came across late last week.


I recently acquired an S&M Premier #043081 Humpback Lockback Whittler.

It immediately went into my EDC rotation. In fact .. it's been in my pocket every day since it arrived on Thur 01 Sept of this year. It's a nice knife & pocket carry comes with some company. While not much for me .. most will have the occasional change ..coinage.. perhaps, a key or two .. other objects that WILL negatively impact the fine fit-n-finish of a new knife. As such .. I went shopping for a knife slip ..or.. purse.

I currently have 2 units I actively use.

An A.G. Russel small leather knife pouch ..Item #: POU-33412L


A Max Capdebarthes leather sheath model 8813.

Both are very fine knife slips.

In the search for a knife slip to house the Schatt & Morgan Whittler .. I came across this deal.

Harry J. Epstein Co.

It's listed as "Leather Knife Sheath for Opinel #7 & #8 ... SKU = Knife-Sheath.

It's USA made .. right here in MO. It's real natural leather. no laminated partially man made product passing itself off as a leather product.

The unit is 5" in length ..and.. 1 & 7/8" in width (1 & 19/32" between the stitching). The leather is a measured 0.068" thick. It is symmetric in design.

They are $2.oo a piece. Yup, 2 bucks a pop.

I ordered 4 of them.


They are all the same .. the blanks are probably die stamped. The edges are uniform. The stitching is even & uniform. The only downside .. if there is one .. is the color. It’s a LIGHT undyed tan.

I'll likely dye mine.

I will apply a few liberal coatings of Renaissance Wax to one.

Perhaps .. shoe polish to another.

Will soak one in olive oil.

Not sure about the last one .. may leave "as is".



a quality all natural leather knife slip

for $2.oo + shipping

is " A Deal "



D ale

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Thanks Dale, this is a deal!!!

Great deal and a great idea to start this discussion. Thanks Dale.

This is ridiculously cheap .. one of those "too good to be true" deals


we all know what they say about those.



A basic 1"*30" belt sander for ....




I came across this while doing some research on speed control for the ubiquitous 1*30 belt sander

which .. I believe

Is not recommended.

That is cheap and would be a great deal!

A BASIC sharpening system that fixes the angle


fixing & holding that angle is what most find hard to maintain during the sharpening process.


These won't set you back an arm & a leg.


Very basic ..5 stones included .. $13.41$14.52 .

For just a bit more .. I found this all metal .. slightly more versatile .. slightly friendlier .. fixture for $18.27 .

The all metal construction appealed to me ..&.. a wide variety of stones are available.

... 240,320,400,800, 3000,6000,8000,10000 Grit Ceramic Whetstone for Knife Sharpener ...

... 80-3000 Grit 11 pieces .. $14.98 ...

... 180, 400, 800, 1500, 2000, 3000 grit 6Pcs Whetstone Set .. $8.71 .

Looked like a deal to me.

Sharpening Fixture

I've a recent addition to my EDC's .. that I wish to establish a lower angle @ the cutting edge


do not wish to risk scratching the polished blade. Which .. I'd probably do .. freehand.

Schatt & Morgan Premier #043081 Lockback Whittler

Deal of the day .. Thur 26 Jan 2017


Renaissance Wax

Ren Wax is GREAT schtuff. Unfortunately .. price prohibitive for many. I know I held off purchasing any for quite some time .. for that very reason. Then .. a knife for my wife or daughter came up ..(which I value far more than my own).. that would benefit from Ren Wax. I began a rather exhaustive search for a lower price & checked all sources I could think of ..including.. museum supply houses.


This is literally the best price I've located anywhere for Ren Wax ..&.. I've received comments from others that verify the "good deal" pricing.



D ale

Deal of the day Thu 12 Oct 2017.

Leverlock Auto for $19.26.

I've a few leverlocks of this brand.

The blade steel is good .. it's not D2 .. but takes & holds a good edge.

Where auto's are legal now .. this would make a great EDC.

@ just under $20.oo .. it's a deal.



D ale

Bet the white bone will look good with a bit of age on it.

I ordered it in black bone ..but.. took some time ..as.. I share your point.

J.J. Smith III said:

Bet the white bone will look good with a bit of age on it.

Just a heads up, folks...

We've all got our own solution to storage problems, but I wanted to pass on another idea.

Harbor Freight has their "Ammo Boxes" on sale until May 31st.  I've bought these when they were on sale for $4.99, but at $2.99, these are a bargain.

Another good storage option from Harbor Freight.
Apache protective case. I believe these regularly sell for $14.99. Red tag sale price is $12.99.
Coupon price is $9.99. Coupon is only good until May 6th.


Harbor Freight's 20% off "super coupon" is great. My local HF returns the "super coupon" back to the customer until it's out of date. SO0oo .. it's like a "forever" super coupon. i.e. they always issue newer ones before the old one expires anyway.


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery




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