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AliExpress is a service connecting consumers of the world to vendors in China. One could draw an analogy to Amazon.

The prices are right ..and.. quality is available ..IF.. you shop & compare.

I've found the old adage "you get what you pay for" to hold true. i.e. if it's ridiculously cheap .. it's likely a POS. If it's fairly priced .. the quality is just as likely there. Shopping is required ..as.. pricing can vary greatly vendor to vendor.

I've personally been using this service since 2011. As I stated earlier .. I've sourced some real junk. Mostly though .. some good quality @ better than average prices.

I'm starting this discussion as a means of sharing information. If you've purchased & received a good deal .. here's a place to share. If you've purchased a POS .. her's a place to share / warn. If you're contemplating a purchase .. here's a place to query if another has ..and.. the results.


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Great place for auto's @ a fair price .. as in these ............
Microtech clone

Clone of microtech's copy of Mikov's long standing design.

Ganzo G719-g

Ganzo 719


Ganzo G707

Leverlock half open.

Damascus (modern) leverlock

A few Friction folders .......
Friction folder

Sandlewood scaled high carbon core laminated w/ multiple layers of SS either side.

Friction Folder

Ebony handle .. san mai (like) steel

Friction Folder

Simply pretty .. & great blade steel !!!

I like my friction folders, also...

Same as Dales, but in stainless.

I, too,  think the ebony scales are great.  I'd pair this one against most other custom handmade friction folders.

This tiny knife is actually a tea knife.  

Picked up a small Boker fixed blade.  Probably a "second" because the sheath had a stitch that was off.  Otherwise, a nice buy.

A bit of comparison shopping, here.  I've got a small collection of Pocket Ulu knives.  These are manufactured and produced as the Mini Pocket Ulu, Silver Leaf knife or just Leaf Knife.

Amazon sells these for around $7.00, though as much as $18.00 (plus shipping).

AliExpress sells them for as little as just over a couple dollars, WITH free shipping.

Everything pictured was sourced through AliExpress .. good quality .. good pricing .. good value.


THANK YOU for starting this discussion.  I have often wondered about buying from them.  I have looked at many things they offer but never their knives.  The Ganzo's particularly interest me

It has been my experience .. Ganzo knives offer good value.

I've a long standing interest in autos. They can be difficult ..even illegal.. to obtain here in the U.S. Strictly speaking .. federal law prohibits transport across state lines. That can inhibit free commerce.


Pictured below are the 3 models of autos Ganzo produces .. to my knowledge.

I've not paid more than $20 for any of them.

!!! .. They are worth every cent of the purchase price .. !!!

Pictured top to bottom.

G7212-BK , G719-G , G707

All stated to be in 440C.


I've purchased and gifted multiple G707's & a G719-B (black g-10 scales as opposed to the green shown above) & narry a complaint or failure.


!!! . Ganzo produces their own designs .. !!!

Your not buying a knock-off ..or.. a second.

They also produce (private label) for U.S. & other manufacturers.


While the blade steel is stated as 440C .. I believe .. realistically.. it's just as likely to be the closest Chinese equivalent .. 9Cr18Mo series. I do know this from experience .. they heat treat it well. .

GANZO offers good fit-n-finish & a quality build @ a relatively low price.


And, no .. Thank You .. for a place to share this information.

!!! ... iKC ... !!!

NOTE: As I've cautioned JJ .. do NOT buy electronics !!!         Yes, that's experience speaking.

Jan Carter said:         ...........................  The Ganzo's particularly interest me.

Let me qualify one stmt .. they do manufacture their own designs ...AND... those they are licensed to produce for other companies as private labeled product.

... 'n have I mentioned the kitchen cutlery ???

Until just a few short yrs ago .. my kitchen cutlery was exclusively old Catt pcs.

Part romance ..&.. part simple functionality.

Now .. this laminated steel is AMAZING !!!


It's far harder to sharpen than Queen's PH-D2.

(yes .. pun intended)


The price is right.

$34.58 for the 8" chef.

$15.93 ea for the sheepsfoot.

$19 & $23.74 for the paring.

I caught the first one on sale .. was impressed enough .. pd full price for the 2cnd one.

AND .. that's delivered to my door.


Still a couple pcs of old Catt in active use in the kitchen.

Simply .. nothing like 'em.

Highly functional !!!

NOTE: Read the fine print. AVOID the "laser etched" & "damascus pattern". Stick with the clearly stated laminated steel units !!!

Dale, you might want to explain the best way to search on AliExpress. It's still a hit and miss proposition with me.

Jan Carter said:


THANK YOU for starting this discussion.  I have often wondered about buying from them.  I have looked at many things they offer but never their knives.  The Ganzo's particularly interest me

Haven't been buying from them long, Jan. Did order a molle bag, some brass shackles, and other non knife items and found them to be of good quality.


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