Kaylin and I went to the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club, annual show, this past weekend, and I was fortunate to see Robert Stadtlander, from Stadtlander Woodcarvings.  I was hoping to find an OarCarver at the show, and Stadtlander is THE source, for this and other Oar Carvers as well as a couple of other Queen patterns.


   I opted for the "Single Locker" version.

   As seen in the enclosed paperwork, They offer the knife either with the factory edge, or sharpened to a carving edge (basically flat ground). 

   I chose the factory edge because I prefer a more robust edge, for carving my peach pits. The pre sharpened edges would be perfect for other carvings and general detail work.

   Basically, this Oar Carver is a modified Queen Cutlery #41-L, Locking Copperhead with a modified blade.  3 3/4", closed, with a 1 1/2' blade.

They are offered in American Walnut, Zebra Wood, Smooth Black Cherry, Aged Honey Amber Stag Bone and Abalone.  While the smooth wood/bone/Abalone knives feel great in hand, I bought the Honey Amber Stag.  (Guess that's the collector in me coming out).


   Fit and finish it typically Queen, and provides great pleasure to hold.

   Functionally, care needs to be taken with opening the blade.  The nail pull is very shallow, (which is my primary complaint with all the Queen knives that I own). 

   There is a substantial half stop, and the liner lock is not so prominent as to cause irritation when in use.

   The modified D-2, Queen Steel blade looks to be well suited to its task of detail carving.

   All in all, this version of the Oar Carver, should be a welcome addition to my carving kit.

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That looks pretty much like whittlin' purrfection, J.J.

What is the closed length on that baby? A liner lock to boot! Ya gotta love it!

Congrats, my friend!

It's right at 3 4/4", Ron.

Wouldn't that be 4"?

I'll be you meant 3 3/4"?

In any event it looks PERFECT!

J.J. Smith III said:

It's right at 3 4/4", Ron.
Alright, Ron. That's what I get by trying to type on the phone. I'll get around to an edit sooner or later, but it is 3 3/4". ;-)


Don't feel bad. I just looked at what I typed and realized I blew it, too. Mine was supposed to say, "I'll BET you meant..." Instead it says, "I'll BE you meant." So, a pox on my house as well. D'oh!

Bottom line is that you've got yourself one fine looking Whittler. I'll bet if feels really good in your hand?

Enjoy, my friend!

You know, I've based several of my mods on this one. Just had a larger wharnie, instead of the detail blade.

I am hoping to see a smooth Black Cherry but will most likely end up with the single blade in Honey amber :)

This is all your fault, anyway, Jan. ;-)

The Black Cherry was nice and felt good, but I've liked the Amber Stag for a while, though I almost went with the Zebra Wood.  It looked good.

Thanks JJ for posting some information on these knives.  It was also nice meeting you at the show.  I'm still learning to maneuver through this website and posting stuff, so I might be a little slow.  Also my free time is limited due to the handling the business and carving.  If anyone has any questions on the knives, I'll be happy to answer them.

grrreat looking queen single carver JJ. watch out peach pits!

Version 2 on my list, next time, Robert.

Very nice knife.I love Oar Carvers. I spoke Ross Oar several times when he had a booth at the Catatonk Valley Woodcarvers' Show. Picked up the carvers from  Bob Stadtlander.  Here is a photo of my knew Schatt & Morgan - Carpenters Whittler. The second group of of knives are: Henckels - Congress with thinned and re-profiled blades by Golden Fingers, 2 Oar Carvers, Pinewood Forge - Harley Knife, Roselli - UHC Bearclaw and  Carpenters Knife. 


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