This knife doesn't feel as high quality as I'd hoped. But the blade came sharp, and I love that profile. I didn't capture the blue anodized liners in this photo, but they add a nice splash of color. This has actually become one of my favorite EDC pieces, & it's a really nice user.

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Comment by dead_left_knife_guy on June 7, 2021 at 0:22

Jeremy -- thank you!  I definitely admire your taste in blades, so I appreciate the compliment.

Rome -- the Dogma is a nice looking knife, & it was one I was definitely considering as my first Civivi.  I've been holding out against these new wave Chinese companies for years now (okay, except for Ganzo knives, I've definitely got a handful of them -- but they're so inexpensive I never had the same hesitancy as I did even with $30 knives), but I've finally relented & have made it a priority to check them out a bit more.  I chose the Baklash because of its profile & because of its status as one of the first knives Civivi made.  And I think it's the first knife I have with a 9Cr18MoV blade.

It's just worked its way into my rotation, & it's a good fit in my hand & in my pocket.  And it was priced low enough ($42) for me not to worry too much about using it.  As much as I like the Baklash's profile, that finger choil does snag quite frequently on deeper slicing tasks (opening boxes, for example), & I just avoid certain tasks with it (like breaking down boxes) for that reason.  But I still just really like that profile!

The Dogma seems to be a more refined knife than the Baklash, more like a gentleman's knife.  I'd like to hear how that D2 blade holds up (I'm hoping they've got a good heat treat on that steel -- so far, the 9Cr is holding up, so I'd have no reason to doubt Civivi's ability to treat D2, & I certainly haven't heard of heat treatment being an issue for any Civivi knives).  I hope you'll keep us updated on your experiences with that Dogma -- it's just such a nice looking knife! 

Comment by Rome D. Rushing on June 6, 2021 at 22:02

I just bought a Civivi Dogma and while the quality of the knife is great the finish on the G-10 handle

material makes it look like cheap plastic. The D2 steel came as sharp as any knife I have purchased

and I like the blade profile.  I will have to start carrying it to see how it holds up. I would post a picture

but have not had a chance to take one yet.

     And I really like the looks of yours and I hope I come to like mine as much as you have yours.

Comment by Jeremy B. Buchanan on May 17, 2021 at 20:18

Great looking knife. I can see why it is a favorite edc knife.

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