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I am back.... Long story about my former job and new job....

I'm back....    I was terminated by FedEx in last April. My boss believe I broke FedEx's policy. Not true..There is NO broke policy's. Nothing with the policy. Because My reason for being late was construction on Highway 287 in whole month. I would allow 1 hour to get to work because of the construction. I did doing a right thing, I did use my pager to send text message to my ex-boss about late. My boss does not know how to deal with a deaf person.  All he would do would yell at me.  Instead…


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Busy! Busy! busy i work FedEX, But i am doing okay.

I miss here our iKnive Collector.  I didn’t check since…  I have been very busy at my FedEx work for four months…  God I hate that.  But I have to do my work need more earn for paying the bill.  Of course I bought few knives. I didn’t plan taking the pictures of my knives yet. So, I went to Heritage Quild in Branchburg, NJ for firearms and archery thing.  I always want to have firearm and compound bow for long times.  I did take the Beginner Archery course with my interpreter.  I learn…


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I am back!!! Very interesting about Rare M100 Case XX

I am back!!! Since i have been very busy. whew!!! So I bought few knives in few months ago. I recently Bought very rare 1920-40 M100 or B100 Case XX push slide knife at Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show in Englishtown, NJ. I will post few pictures later. 

When i wander around many vendors around, I quickly spot rare M100 or B100 Case XX Push Slide knife with tag cost $17.00. I puzzle very quiet, "$17??" Great steal! I knew It suppose be worth around $200.00. The guy sell…


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