Busy! Busy! busy i work FedEX, But i am doing okay.

I miss here our iKnive Collector.  I didn’t check since…  I have been very busy at my FedEx work for four months…  God I hate that.  But I have to do my work need more earn for paying the bill.  Of course I bought few knives. I didn’t plan taking the pictures of my knives yet. So, I went to Heritage Quild in Branchburg, NJ for firearms and archery thing.  I always want to have firearm and compound bow for long times.  I did take the Beginner Archery course with my interpreter.  I learn shooting the bow enjoys.  I did shoot in bulleye of five arrows without sight and peep. You image that?  It was my first time.  My Instructor Sara saw me shooting very impressive, She want to test me shoot zombie’s head only.  I did shoot the zombie’s head of five arrows. My interpreters took the pictures of me in archery range.  My Instructor want to recommend me buying own compound bow for next taking Intermediate Archery Course again.  I bought brand new compound bow “Hoyt Ignite”.  This new bow is beginner that good start.  When I can practice my bow at range.  Until I get to used with it. Then I can buy other bow for bowhunting.  But I didn’t plan taking the hunter education class yet. I plan to….

This my brand new 2015 "Hoyt Ignite" compound bow. This is beginner.

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Comment by Charles Sample on December 23, 2015 at 12:15

Doing great Michelle!  I deer hunt with a crossbow.

Comment by Michelle "Fingers" DellaPelle on December 23, 2015 at 9:30

yep.. I saw some package of knives at my FedEx work there. of course i saw smoky mountain knife works's package with label to send someone... I'm doing my job to scan and check the labels. LOL

Comment by Jan Carter on December 19, 2015 at 11:00


I am very glad to see you taking some time for yourself.  I know that this 1/4 is just slammed for you all at UPS but thanks for getting the knives to delivered :)

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