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Many consider "U.S. Military Knives - Bayonets and Machetes - By M.H. Cole" To be the holy grail of military knife books. It is, at least one of if not THE, best military knife books ever written. I am glad to say I still have mine. I have see them going for $180.00!

If you have one, you know how excellent it is. If you don't have one, is it worth the high prices now asked? If you love military knives, I say yes!

I can't believe the incredible quantity of…


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BERNARD LEVINE is the leading full-time writer on knives and  cutlery in the world today. 

Since 1971 he has researched the history and identification of knives, as well as the art and

technology of knifemaking.

Besides the four widely acclaimed editions of his Levine's Guide to Knives and

Their Values (1985, 1989, 1993, 1997), his knife books include: …


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The TWO Schrade-Waldens

Not two knives, but two different manufacturing periods. If you have looked at many Schrade-Waldens you will find that you will come across some that don't look like others, as far as machining, grinding, and handles. Those with celluloid handles and bone look exactly like Schrade Cuts, but are stamped "Schrade-Walden". Exactly. The second Schrade-Walden you'll encounter is made exactly like their later "Schrade" marked knives. Exactly...machining, grinding, everything. And the'll have…


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Close Shave With A Black Catt

I'd just like to share this Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. straight razor with everyone. 

This was my grandfather's razor. He got it while he was the manager of the Gaut & Becker Hardware Store in Jeannette Pennsylvania in the 1930's. These were made up for the store, as you can see the Gaut & Becker - Jeannette Pennsylvania etch.

This is one of my cherished possessions...........…


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