I bet everyone has their own stories about how they got into knives, and from what I have heard it usually starts with "I got my first knife when I was 6", etc. Surprisingly, I didn't gain interests in knives until this past fall.

I go to school in Rochester, New York and a good friend of mine always EDCed a Spyderco of some sort. Some days he would rock out the Delica Foliage Green G10 and sometimes he would carry the discontiuned Spur fully serrated. I never understand why he would carry a knife; "dude you're on campus, not on a camping trip." However, he started telling me all the components of a knife and what makes a knife exceptionally good: the blade steel, the handle material, fit and finish, locking mechanism, etc. I was intrigued by the shear engineering and design work that goes into a knife. Seeing how him and I are mechanical engineers, you can see I was getting influenced by all this talk of G10 this and VG10 that. A couple days later he told me to go to the Spyderco website and look at huge amount of information they have on their products. I was amazed to see exploded views of 3D models, showing the different locking mechanisms. This was really tickling the engineer inside me. It was at that moment I decided that I want to buy a knife.

I had a budget of $30 to spend on my first knife. I did some research and the Spyderco Tenacious kept popping up the most. The first video knife review that I have ever seen was Nutnfancy's review on the Spyderco Tenacious, and boy, was he convincing. I pulled the trigger and bought it after watching his and only his video, and there begins my lust of blades. Since then I have acquired more than a dozen different folding knives, yet I have limited myself to only own a max number of 10 at any giving time. I don't know how long that rule is going to last but it is working for now. I try to have a big variety in my knife collection, and I find a purpose for all of them.

In a time span of 6 months, I have gone from zero knife to 10 knives...looks like a healthy hobby! I want to thank all the reviewers out there, including nutnfancy, culterylover, edgedweapon88, demissle101, thecajunblaze, wilmaslicer, and everyone else who put their time and effort into giving their honest opinion about the products out there. You guys rock!

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In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on March 16, 2010 at 14:52
Nice link .. Spyderco's edge-u-cation
Comment by Keqing Song on March 16, 2010 at 11:12
Thanks Scott! Heres to the link to those exploded views found on the Spyderco website.


In Memoriam
Comment by Scott King on March 16, 2010 at 8:31
I totally understand, Keqing. You story is classic and it started with a friend sharing the good word. Now you need to pass it on too :)

Nice collection and starting off with an organized spreadsheet inventory is excellent! Good job!

I need to check out these "3D" models at Spyderco. Sound interesting.

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