Lots of ideas and opinions in this arena, the OTF auto knife nich of the market. I really like the ultratech the feel in your hand and pocket, it carries well. The construction is solid, the action is fast and locks up hard. These are hard use knives designed for battle and self defense.
The ultratech is just one model offered by Microtech knives which are made in the USA , they pride theirselves in the use of the best materials possible. Located in Bradford PA. They are building a new facility in the Carolinas. They offer manual, fixed, autos of the highest quality. What's your thoughts or questions about Microtech?

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Comment by Adam Archer on July 6, 2015 at 20:19

Ill comment on ultratechs and then my thoughts about their other knives.

Iv own ultratechs from 4 different years 2012-2015 which iv purchased each time I attend bladeshow each one is slightly different either the handle color or blade shape. Fit and finish on them have always been perfect and I have never needed to send them in for warranty (thank goodness). They have a rather plain handle, but I really like their blades with the double edged versions having the grove with holes down the center of the blade. My ultratechs from 2012 and 2013 are almost impossible to open and close one handed but it seems like they are making the springs easier to open each year. My 2015 model is just about perfect opening and closing. I heard they are discontinuing the plain handles and putting on a tri-grip texture on them from now on. Overall I like them, they seem to be improving each year, and the new tri-grip should make their handles a bit less plain looking.

As for Microtech, they make some fantastic knives. My biggest interest in them is their hidden release automatics such as the LCC, CMTX5, and Terzuola however I don't believe they have made any hidden release autos for a long time. I occasionally carry my lcc but really use the rest of my Microtechs for display. I really hope that they start making some more hidden releases as the main hidden release company (lone wolf) was bought and destroyed by benchmade. They make some manual action knives that would be fantastic to carry, however I tend to purchase knives used to get a better deal and I haven't gotten run across them yet. Overall I think they make fantastic knives, however iv heard only bad things about their warranty service although I have never used the service myself.  

Id love Microtech if they would release a line of hidden release autos for under $200 MSRP

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on July 4, 2015 at 12:57

"What's your thoughts or questions about Microtech?"   ...   They've an excellent reputation .. kinda pricey though.

Re: OTF knives. They are sweet !!  Kinda mysterious .. the way their blade just appears ..&.. disa... I've a # of them .. from el-cheapo Juarez tourist POS to one I've rebuilt to exacting tolerances .. exacting enough to impress A.G. Russell. 


They are fickle knives. The requirements / restraints inherent in their design limit their functionality .. imo.


The easy way is to just relax all the tolerances such that the blade just "falls" in & out. The result of that approach is a sloppy blade .. most noticeable in the extended using position. The blade is wobbly as all get out .. side to side .. up & down .. deplorably so !!!


The more difficult approach requires maintaining exacting ('n very small) tolerances. The polishing of all bearing surfaces certainly helps. By bearing surfaces .. I'm referring to mating surfaces which must slide over one another. This can result in a blade that is close to "fixed" in the extended using position. The manufacturing cost to obtain this is high.


A very real downfall / shortcoming of the OTF design is how easily a SMALL fragment of foreign material can disable it's functioning. i.e. after cutting an apple with mine .. wipeing the blade dry w/ a napkin is NOT sufficient. The small remnant of sweet apple juice is sticky .. enough to inhibit the standard operation of this design .. usually won't lock up on retraction. Any pocket fuzz .. heaven forbid .. even one grain of sand .. will inhibit the blade's travel & lock-up will not occur .. seen first on extension .. then obviously .. upon retraction too.


I love this design .. OTF.

The upper red one is the one I've rebuilt to higher standards. I polished .. w/ rouge .. the internal tracks which define the blade travel. I then ground a blade to 0.002" under the dimensions of the guide tracks & internal frame. The result minimized blade play in it's open position. I carry this every day .. it works GREAT .. when perfectly clean. A drop of oil down the open end of it .. is enough to cause failure .. fails to lock up reliably.

Comment by Jeremy B. Buchanan on July 3, 2015 at 22:34

I think the Microtech knives are very well made and would make a great self defense knife. I am anxious to see what other knives they will have in their line up. At this point in time, the Microtech knives I have seen, are not very practical for and EDC knife for me. The price is a bit much for my liking as well. I do believe in a good quality, American made knife and I am willing to pay more for such a knife, I guess I will have to wait to see where Microtech goes with there line of knives, to see if they make one that is more practical for an EDC and priced in a range I can afford. I hope they are able to, because I would really like to support them and what they stand for.

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