I like a great looking knife , I really do .

Just as with most people a fancy set of handle scales or a little damascus really get's my attention . I have one or two knives that are very attractive and I wouldn't part with them for any reason , but I pick up and carry the same few knives all the time . With the greatest respect to the talented guys who have designed my users they do have one thing in common , they are Plain !

I never really thought of this until I started buying straight razors . I don't have a lot of razors , yet ! , just five !!. One of them is new and the others are from the auction site . Buying razors from Ebay is a hit and miss business some are good and some , well ...   you can learn from anything I guess !!

Well get on with it I hear you say , so a couple of razors . The one on the left , a Dovo Best Quality , cost me over four times the price of the other one , £85 as opposed to £20 . Yet the plain jane one on the right which doesn't even claim to be made in Solingen just Germany , and so far I have been unable to find any information on "Two Horses" razors . This is the razor that I reach for every day , it shaves great even for a novice like me .

Now the same thing seems to apply with regard to the knife or knives that go in my pocket every day , a pair of knives this time .

Both nice knives I think you will agree the Fallkniven is a fabulous knife and just oozes quality and who doesn't like the Snakewood on that Viper . Yet do I carry them , not unless I eject the long term residents from my pocket . 

These are the critturs that lurk in my pockets , the Fallkniven costs more than the pair of these !

That Enzo is a great knife for whittling with , if you haven't tried a Scandi grind give one a go it works really well . The Trestle Pine Superior is just the sort of knife that is always useful . Now what ever the reason that I always choose to carry a Plain Jane knife and maybe it is just good sense . what I am most happy about is that I have enough knives to enable me to have a choice !! Here's to diversity and never having too many knives .

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Comment by John Bamford on June 19, 2016 at 1:50

You have some good looking knives there Dale I will have a close study of them when I have fully woken up .

I agree with you that our knife laws are unfortunate and they are like that because very few people carry a knife anymore and haven't done so for so long that they have no idea what a knife is for. It is generally assumed that a knife is a weapon . Of course when someone is killed with a knife then the papers usually say "a ten inch cooks knife" or something similar . 

Comment by John Bamford on June 19, 2016 at 1:43

You are correct about that Superior Leo and it is good news that there is going to be a new release this Autumn .

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on June 18, 2016 at 19:44

It is truly unfortunate that your knife laws are so restrictive. In reality .. one could be stabbed more reliably with a simple screwdriver than a slipjoint pocketknife. In reality .. laws deviate from .. reality.


It's safe to say .. I'm mad bad & dangerous to know :)

Some more that will never see the inside of my pocket ... all are unique for me in some manner.

Bottom row .. left to right

Friction folder .. generic .. no stamp. The blade blade steel is laminated .. VG10 core sandwiched with 16 layers of 420 stainless on either side .. tempered to a 59+/- 1 HRC. The blade is shaped similar to a straight razor. The blade type .. I believe .. is termed a “sheepsfoot”. The scales are also laminated .. a measured 0.032” veneer of abalone under a clear composite material that's about 0.140 thick. The beauty of the abalone w/o the brittleness / fragility. The perfectly flat cutting edge is a measured 2.319”. It's a quality build down to the perfectly centered blade & oilite washers @ the blade pivot. China.


Case mini doctor's knife. OAL closed is 2.81”. The blade is stamped on the mark side .. X X <over> CASEXX (longtail C) <over> X X X. The spatula is stamped on the pile side .. USA <over> 6.5282 <over> SP---SS.


A.G. Russell Small Doctor's Knife scaled in Stag. OAL closed measured 3.003”. The “Zulu Spear” blade is 2.5” long & is very deeply etched on the mark side .. A.G.Russell. The pile side is etched 8Cr13MoV <over> China. The scalpel blade is 1.5” & unmarked. They are both tempered to a 58 +/- 1 HRC. I liked this model enough to get the smooth bone version for EDC.


Winchester Doctor's Knife. OAL closed measures 3.68”. The blades is etched .. WINCHESTER <over> TRADE MARK. The mark side of the tang is stamped .. WINCHESTER <over> --TRADE MARK-- <over> MADE IN USA. The pile side is stamped 29082 <over> '03. The mark side of the spatula is etched .. PHYSICIANS KNIFE. The spatula is stamped on the pile side .. WINCHESTER <over> --TRADE MARK-- <over> MADE IN USA. The scales are jigged red bone. The bomb shield bears the WINCHESTER stamp.


Queen Doctor's Knife. Main blade is 2.923” long & is etched .. Queen (script) <over> U.S.A. <on the left side of > “Queen's proprietary crown” .. <on the right side> Steel (script) <over> PCR2. The tang is stamped on the mark side w/ a crowned Q <over> U.S.A. .. <to the right of the Q> 96. The small spear blade is unmarked. The shields are a deep red composite / celluloid.


Kinfolks Physicians Knife. The OAL closed is a measured 3.68”. The mark side front bolster is stamped 008 .. if I recall correctly .. out of a run of 100 pcs. The main spear blade is 2.94” long & stamped on the mark side .. Kinfolks (longtail K) with a small .. U.S.A. .. tucked between the tail & the main stamping. The pile side is stamped .. 1996 .. the year of manufacture. The small spear blade is 2.05” long & unmarked.

This is where I quit documenting things. The Kinfolks celluloid is gassing out. Major bummer. I can notice shrinkage of the tortoise shell celluloid & discoloration on the shield & bolsters. That's just not nice.

The rest of the knives are not carried .. for one reason or another.


Yes .. diversity is a good thing !!!

Having enough diversity to enable the choice of carry ..~.. NOT carry is an even better thing.

D ale

Comment by John Bamford on June 18, 2016 at 15:30

No Dale, we are not allowed to carry lock knives here , we can own a locking knife or just about any knife,   well apart from auto's which have been banned for years . I think "butterfly knives "are banned as well though I am not too sure about that . The thing is that the public mood is so against any knives that the phrase "carrying a knife " means you are mad bad and dangerous to know , most people including the police have so little knowledge of knives that they think all knives are weapons . 

Great selection of knives there Dale , and the monkey is fabulous . I would love to know if any medics still carry a Doctors knife , I doubt that many would have heard of one and I don't remember seeing one from the UK

I guess they may have made one in Sheffield or then again is it a US product .

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on June 18, 2016 at 15:21

John .. the lockback trapper is a SWEET knife ..&.. @ $15.45 before shipping .. it's a good deal too.

?? . Are you allowed to carry a locking folder in the UK . ??



ID .. starting w/ red OTF & progressing counter clockwise.

OTF .. 3.217” (measured) OAL closed. Imported inexpensive OTF. I replaced the original blade w/ one I ground from a Buck Smidgen.

….............. above & to the left ….....................

GANZO G7212-BK buttonlock auto. Mark side of blade etched GANZO. Pile side etched G7212-BK <over> 440C .. 4.57” OAL (measured) closed. 3.313” blade (measured). Pocket clip on pile side .. tip down. China.

…............... above that ….....................

Leverletto .. generic .. finger guards milled away to enhance it's pocket carry friendliness. Mark side of blade tang etched AKC. 4.425” (measured) OAL closed .. 3.15' (measured) blade. No idea of blade steel ..but.. holds an edge well enough to qualify for EDC. China.

…...................... extreme left …......................

A.G. Russell Hunter Scalpel rehandled in Osage Orange .. locally grown & harvested. An Eagle Claw barrel swivel (sz 1) w/ safety snap was added for ease of attachment to belt loop. The 2.25” thin blade of AUS-10 is tempered to a 59.5 +/- 0.5 HRC. Tiawan.

…...................... just to the right of Osage Orange handle …..............................

A.G. Russell Medium Barlow Lockback. 2.875” “zulu spear” blade of 8Cr13MoV tempered to 58 +/- 1 HRC. Mark side of tang etched A.G.RUSSELL. Pile side etched 8Cr13MoV <over> China. Ebony Rucarta scales.

…..................... just to the right of that directly below red otf ….........................

A.G. Russell Small Doctor's Knife scaled in smooth white bone. OAL closed is 3”. A 2.5” “zulu spear” blade & a 1.5” scalpel blade .. both of 8Cr13MoV tempered to 58 +/- 1 HRC. Zulu spear blade etched (mark side) A.G.Russell .. pile side etched 8Cr13MoV <over> China. Matching small black leather knife pouch (AG's item # POU-33412L) to it's immediate right.

…............... to the right of the pouch .. below the stem of my pocket watch …................

Queen's #48 slit spring whittler. Tang of main blade stamped w/ Queen's proprietary crowned Q <over> TITUSVILLE, P.A. <over> PH-D2. Scaled in Honey Amber bone. Gift from my daughter.

…........................... to the right of that .. resting on it's purse …..............................

Queen's #06L Teardrop linerlock. It's also scaled in honey amber bone & bears the same stamping as the whittler. It's knife purse is a Max Capdebarthes leather knife sheath. Both .. gifts from my Sweetheart.

….......................... extreme bottom right ….......................

VG10 core laminated blade steel “Tea Knife” ..or.. so it was listed by the vendor. I'd call it a small boot knife. The blade measures 2.4” in length. The laminated steel has a standard raindrop damascus pattern. It's stated temper is 62 +/- 1 HRC ..and.. based on it's performance & what I have to do to sharpen it .. I believe it. It's leather scabbard has an Eagle Claw barrel swivel (sz 1) w/ safety snap attached such that I may suspend it from a belt loop. No stamp or etch. It has a sister/brother that does not see carry. China.

….................. it points to …................

Leverlock .. VG10 core laminated blade steel .. generic .. no stamping or etching anywhere. It's a strong quality build .. oilite washers on both sides of the blade @ the pivot .. blade is centered (which is impressive in a leverlock) ..&.. the spring is replacable. It's OAL closed measures 4.727”. The blade measures 3.531” & is 0.093” thick @ the spine. It's stated temper is 61 HRC .. it performs @ or slightly above Queen's PH-D2.

…................. above & to the right of Moe the monkey ….........................

SS2.0 kit from knifekitsdotcom. It's an automated buttonlock kit that I scaled in black linen micarta. It's 2” blade is Heat/Cryo-treated AUS-8 which lacks a stated hardness. However .. it performs well .. well enough to make it's EDC inclusion. It's closed OAL of 2.8” makes for ideal pocket carry.


In the upper right corner is an A.G. Russell Woodswalker. It's 0.055" thin 2.375" long blade is of AUS 8 tempered to a stated 58 +/- 1 HRC. When I made the wooden sheath .. I purposely made it tight & internally embedded neodymium magnets with an N50 rating .. for blade retention. For cutting cardboard .. I've found it the most effective of all in my EDC rotation.


In the middle .. is a very plainly finished & very accurate pocket watch. It's manufactured by ALBA .. a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko. It seriously keeps better time than my Seiko chronograph. It's functionally adorned with Moe the monkey .. a peach pit carved by fellow iKC member .. JJ Smith III. The detail is such that Moe possesses both fingers & toes.


!!! .. Thanks again, JJ .. !!!

Comment by John Bamford on June 18, 2016 at 11:58

Great bunch of knives to NOT carry Dale , that double lockback trapper looks like a particularly nice knife to not carry and if you get tired of not carrying it send it to me and I will not carry it for a while .

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on June 18, 2016 at 11:44

Some of the ones I do NOT carry.

ID .. starting @ 12 o'clock position & going counter clockwise.

VG10 core friction folder .. China


VG10 core tea knife .. China


VG10 core tea knife / small dagger / boot knife .. China


Bear & Son <over> Jaille, AL <over> .USA. .. bolster stamped 011 OF 100 .. Custom Heritage 5” blue smooth bone toothpick w/ titanium blade .. BSMB6193T .. Basham Lumber / Red Hill Cutlery


Boker Plus Double Lockback Trapper .. A.G. Russell


Kershaw large lockback folder .. tang of blade .. mark side etched kershaw .. pile side etched 3180W .. 4.6” OAL closed .. 3.6” blade .. China


Cattaraugus 3W wrench knife .. both blades stamped on mark side .. CATTARAUGUS <over> CUTLERY Co. <over> LITTLE VALLEY <over> N.Y. .. circa 1920~30. An antique store find.


Bear MGC Damascus Butterfly .. 4.375” (measured) OAL closed .. mark side stamped BEAR MGC <over> ..USA.. Note: dots are centered on either side of USA.


SCHRADE TOUGH multi-tool .. both sides of “pliers” stamped SCHRADE U.S.A. .. frame stamped SCHRADE <over> TOUGH ..&.. PAT PEND. Includes HEAVY leather holster. Birthday gift from dear friend (2005).


Case masonic trapper model # 1051 (B6207 SS). Bolster stamped w/ longtail C underlining 12327 w/ “XX” under longtail. Markside of tangs stamped .. clip blade = CASE XX (longtail C) <over> USA <over> single dot. Spey blade = B6207 <over> SS. Masonic “square & compass” shield & clip blade etched in script “In Search of More Light” indicative of masonic tradition of continual search for more knowledge (light).


FORGE DE LAGUIOLE .. mark side of blade stamped “FORGE DE LAGUIOLE” .. tang stamped LAGUIOLE ORIGINE <over> GARANTIE L T12. Pile side of tang etched FRANCE. Gift from my Sweetheart for no special occasion.

Comment by John Bamford on June 17, 2016 at 6:29

I will look forward to seeing your evidence Dale .

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on June 17, 2016 at 6:21

I know what you mean, John.

I share your stated opinion.


Will try to post some pics this week-end as my "empirical evidence" :)



D ale

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