There is no doubt, iKC is different than any other knife place on the web. The members here feel like they are sitting down across from each other in a friendly place to talk and show our common interest- knives.

In fact, I love fellow iKC member Steve Wells quote- "What a fantastic way to meet collectors. It is like they are coming in your own house, and having a cup of coffee." To me that's iKC in a peach-seed. :)

But what you may not realize and the reason I've called this post- We know you are out there, is this- There are tons of folks who visit our community everyday. Kind of like going on a Sunday drive and checking out different neighborhoods. Sometimes it is because they may move in one day or it is just as a pastime.

Here's a stat for you numbers folks- While the web experts attest to the 90/9/1% rule, I don't know, but what I do know is this- and this is good news for iKC. Last month- iKC had 2,246 absolute unique visitors and the different pages within our community were viewed a whopping 63,661 times, or Pageviews as it is called.

Before you say, "Wow, Scott, what's up with this? Why aren't these folks moving in?" All I can say is there are two distinctive online groups of people- Participants and, what in Web terms is called, Lurkers." There's subsets too, but let's keep it high-level for now.

Participants join. They stake their claim. They pick out there lot and start building, and then move in. I know some just buy their lot and don't build, but they're some of the 9% mentioned earlier.

The Lurkers, on the other hand, lurk. They observe. They like our community cause they come back- that I know too. These folks benefit from our building activities, but they like to watch. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, my wife is one. She's major into Cross-Fit. She goes to one community EVERYDAY. She follows the post and treads. She even tells me about the stuff folks say. She even knows the different members. She's as active as one can be, yet hasn't joined. You know me and of course I've asked her, "Why don't you join, you like it so much?" She just won't. She's a Lurker.

While we would love to have everyone a member here, if you are a Lurker, my hope is one day soon, you'll feel compelled, or provoked, enough to allow us to benefit from your contributions too.

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Comment by J.J. Smith III on August 16, 2009 at 22:48
The cartography office down at the print shop is working overtime, but that's ok because it was a "Shovel Ready Job" .
My wife could care less about the internet.
I, too, have made some friends here at iKC and have been able to consider other different styles of knives through dealing with them. Scott has created a great place for folks to call "home" and there is plenty of room for more. This is much more than a knife forum and I wish that the folks that have already joined would come back to get to know us.
Comment by J.J. Smith III on August 16, 2009 at 1:26
With iKC quickly approaching 600 members, we need to encourage the folks that bought their land to build and become part of the community. There are enough folks that are willing to assist them in getting started on the site.

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