I attended the March meeting of the WRCA in Dover Oh, yesterday. 

They are a nice group, even if they are interested in older production knives.  Me?  I’m sort of a tactical folding tool kind of guy.

Mickey Yurco, with his 33 years of police experience, talked to us about knife laws in Ohio, specifically the Northeast Ohio area. 

Perhaps what is the most interesting fact is the lack of state wide consistency to types and blade length.  Since Ohio doesn’t regulate knives, each community does.

But as Mickey says, don’t create a problem and you won’t have a problem.  Despite this great advice we still asked the silly questions, “If I get stopped with my back seat filled with WWII bayonets….”

He and his son, John, gave a quick knife fighting demo.  Somebody with a knife and knows what he is doing can be quite dangerous.  Knife fighting demos are like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  You see the blade flash, you know what will happen, how it will turn out and how little you can do about it, but you still can’t stop watching.

The theme for the month was springs and knives. 

A Nikoy from the Czech Republic and illegal for interstate commerce.  why?  auto opener 

A variety of people brought knives made from spring steel, or knives with a spring and we even had a knife bought in the spring.   I didn’t have any knives with a spring connection, but it was fun.

Paula brought a knife bunch of knives for sale, trading and viewing.  You can find out more about her knives at my blog.  Click her name.

Based on the numbers we heard about our Dover knife show could have been better.  It’s kind of a shame; just about any knife you could covet was represented there.


Stay safe……..

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Comment by stephen tungate on March 15, 2012 at 19:31

thank you very much for informing us whats going on in the knife world.....

Comment by Jan Carter on March 15, 2012 at 17:10

Excellent report on the show.  Thanks for the information and the great pics

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