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If there were just 1 "Grail Knife" that you could get for Christmas this year (price is no object), what would it be?

For me it would be the 1999 Bose collaboration Case Slimline Trapper with Wharncliffe secondary.

Now your turn....Who knows, Santa may be making a list and checking it twice...

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I guess I am an oddball!  I am sitting here trying to think of one particular knife that would be a grail knife for me but there simply isn't one.  There is no one knife that appeals to me over many others.  When I see something in one of the three brands I collect or one of the two patterns or the one theme that appeals to me, I buy it.  That is why I like getting the SMKW and Shepherd Hills catalogs.  I often see something in them that just sort of reaches out and grabs me.  And if my bank account doesn't object, I will buy it.  I will also often scan eBay to see if there is something there that particularly appeals to me.

LOL Andy !  That is the same thing Donnie said

Andy Larrison said:

Congrats Jan!  "Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus"

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