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From a total eclipse of the sun to Sophia, an artificial super intelligent robot that thinks on her own.  2017 has been a whirlwind of activity.  Politics have become an open subject, tearing apart friends and families and hurricane Harvey brought a nation together.

In the knife world, lawsuits have begun to try to keep fake/clone knives off EBay and a classic knife company partnered with a survivalist company (TOPS & AlMar) to create a best of both worlds knife, the mini SERE.  

The UK went all out with a campaign to Save Lives by turning in and destroying knives.  Here in the US our Knife Rights and AKTI advocates gave us back switchblades and blades over 3 inches.

Here on iKC we added a classic to our lineup of community knives.  We added a good many new members.  We prayed for family, members and the world as a whole.  While we lost some amazing folks, we also saw some amazing recoveries.

I wish the very best for all of you in 2018.  I prayer the recoveries will far outweigh any losses.  It is my hope you will all get your “grail” knife and start the search for the next one.  The 2018 catalogs are beginning to show up online so check with your favorite manufactures and dealers.

May your families know peace, health and prosperity in 2018.  May the mailman never lose a package and your edge never go dull !

Thank you for being a part of iKnifeCollector.com.  Come back often, show us your collection and meet a new knife friend!

Dedicated to our founder Scott King and our historian John McCain.  You will be thought of with a smile often and missed everyday.

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Very well said Jan!

I wish you and your family, and all the iKC member's and their families, a wonderful New Year and may the knife gods shower you all with knives that bring pleasure into your lives.

2017 WAS a roller coaster of a year! There's been lots of great things going on in the knife world. I've been around knife collecting since the early years of knife collecting. Before the internet. Before large numbers of knife dealers. I remember when the SMKW catalog was a several page "newspaper format". And to look for older knives meant going to shows, OR sending for typed sheets of knife lists. Anyone remember W.E. Shockley? But I have to say there has never been a better time to collect knives. Here's hoping for  a fantastic 2018 knife year!

Nicely put Jan!  Blessing and well wishes to all who scroll through this site in the upcoming year!

Before 2018 arrives a few hours from now I would like to thank Jan, Donnie and IKC for being there for me at a time of great tragedy in my life. I was in Atlanta tending to my dying sister in early 2016, circumstances required my leaving for home prior to her inevitable demise, (I drove from California). I knew that I had just seen my sis for the last time in this world, and though I didn't want to go I had to. I left Atlanta in tears, wanting to get away from that place of doom as quickly as I could, I literally was running away as fast as I could drive. I was 3,000 miles from home with no way to decompress from the horrific few months I had just spent in Georgia. Fortunately, though I had never met them in person, Jan and Donnie reached out online to me and insisted I make a side trip to northern Georgia and spend some time with them at their home. In my mind they literally saved my life, I was in no shape emotionally to attempt a cross country drive at that moment, and I needed a place to stop, breath and regroup. Due to their God-given empathy Jan and Donnie sensed that and offered their place as a refuge. On the way I went through the worst storm I had ever experienced, it was like the heavens were responding to my grief and were dumping oceans of tears on the road before me. I stopped and called Jan, she was rightfully worried about me and suggested, (insisted actually), that I find a nearby motel to safely wait out the storm, and that she would guide me "home" the next morning. After a night of dazzling lightning and torrents of rain I headed out, got lost, (of course), but eventually found my way to their wonderful home. They welcomed me, a complete stranger, with open arms, got me situated then didn't waste a moment allowing me to just sit and cry. Donnie walked in and just said, "let's pound some steel"! He set up his forge and away we went, made myself a fine horseshoe knife under his excellent tutelage, (my first ever), then we sat down to a simple dinner, surprisingly I slept like a baby. I had to leave the next day as I was on a very strict budget in both time and money, and it really was like leaving home. I felt as welcome in their loving arms as I would with any family member, (more welcome actually), and that is how I feel to this day, I AM one of their family. Later on that trip I was also honored to meet another IKC member in Alabama, Charles Sample, who bought me dinner, gave me a knife and showed me some of his collection. I had not only found a new family but I also had found a new friend. Throughout this time of supreme loss, God used his people to comfort and help me, I am forever grateful to Him for this. I hope for all of God's blessings for Jan, Donnie and Charles, and pray for a successful and pain free 2018 for all of them, (and Case too of course). I love you guys like family because you are, I miss you and hope you have a blessed new year.

It has been an interesting year for sure. I have not been able to spend as much time here as I had in the previous couple of years. I look forward to 2018. Now that my kids are all grown and out of high school, I think there will be more changes in our family's future. I pray that everyone has a good new year. 

Thank you Jan for all that you do here for all of us. 

Being able to sit down and talk with other members is always an enjoyable experience.  Through iKC I've been able to meet and greet several.  

Being able to sit and spend time with Jan and Donnie is time that I'll always treasure.  As Syd said they truly are a wonderful, accommodating couple.

Jan, your skill in conveying an overview of the year without mentioning politics is simply incredible.  Thank you for reminding us that this can be done!  

Thank you for running such a great site!  This is the only knife forum where bullying is not at all a part of the culture.  Which leaves just sincere people with a lot of knowledge & great taste in collectibles.

Everyone here is awesome.  Happy 2018, y'all!

-- dlkg

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