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 Purchased this little gem off of ebay as it peaked my interest for being a bit different than most. It reminds me of a gift shop knife that you might find at a Gift shop in a theme park.

  Its actully in very good condition. No blade wobble, the lockback seems to secure when its opened and its got a steel liner. I gave it a quick cleanup on the bolsters and it looks pretty decent.

 there were several of these type knives that were on ebay and nearly all were in pretty bad shape and then this one appeared with a buy it now. Shipping and purchase were $10.99 and I thought that was fair enough.

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Looks like a gift shop knife to me also but appears in great shape.  If it locks tight and retains an edge you have a winner for a great price

  It says Stainless steel with Japan under that on one side of the tang and on the other side it has a model/serial number?. (RK090) Looking the number up gets no results using Google.

 The knife shows very little wear if any on it as it looks like it may have been used until the blade got dull and then it wound up in the dresser drawer. The blade has very minor scratches on it and they could probably be polished out with out much trouble. It does have an Eagle etched on one side of the blade and I'd be afraid that polishing the blade might destroy the image on the blade.

 The scales are some kind of plastic and the Eagle is metal and very well attached. 

  I thought I'd sharpen it as the blade is pretty dull. I used a magic marker to mark the blade edge so I'd be sure to sharpen  it to the correct angle. I started with a 25 degree and it was to much so I went with the 20 degree and apparently that's the right angle to sharpen it at.

 It sharpened up very nicely........... nice clean edge and if I had any hair left on my arms I'd almost bet it would shave them. I won't be using it for edc as I believe it needs to be kept in the condition its in. Not because it worth any more than what I paid for it but because its unusual in the way its looks. If you took the scales off of it, it would just be a plain old edc.

  Someone kept it preserved over time and if it is indeed a gift shop knife maybe it held some fond memories for the original purchaser.


Interestingly enough there are a good many metal airhose fittings with the designation RK090 but even more interesting is a Korean company named Rilakkuma hospitality which among its many MANY items produces kitchen ware for hospitality companies like hotels.

I cant say there is a connection but maybe it is from a gift store that uses that company

 I got back on the net and spent some time looking for the same type knife and came across one that had the statue of liberity on the scale and the torch etched on the blade. The seller listed a manifacturer for the knife and listed VF225 as the maker and that the knife was made in Japan. The seller also listed the years of manifacture from 1974 to 1986

  I looked up the number and came up with a lot of air fittings and something called a 3D knife. That referenced back to knives that have glow in the dark scales. That kind of makes me wonder if the scales on the one I have, if left in the Sun light will glow in the dark. The scales are different looking from what I'm used to seeing as to color. I think I do that tomorrow and see what happens.........  and the mystery deepens...........:)

Hmmm, I've got a Statue of Liberty knife, somewhere.  Now I've got to dig it out...

 J.J. I'd like to see that Statue of Liberty knife and see if it looks like the one I saw on ebay. I have not tried leaving mine a window with the Sun shining on it yet.......  however tomorrow is looking good to try that

Nice Eagle

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