Hello iKC!

Sometimes I just like to check the pulse and see whats going through everyone's mind.  I am not going to announce this one, I think I will leave that up to you all.

So here it is.... From now through May 1, 2019 at midnight Pacific time.  Enter here by saying anything you want AND add the name of the person or group you have shared this contest with.

EVERYONE is eligible 

I am a huge fan of knife magazine so what do you win?  A years subscription to knife magazine.  If you already get the magazine GREAT!  I will extend it a year.  Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Time starts NOW!

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Wow, I paid attention to the e-mail that was sent......My lifes been a bit of a whirlwind the last few months.  One career ended abruptly and I had to recover and start off fresh.  I'm 3 months in and getting a routine going again.

I'm going to share this with Craig Henry!

I sat down with my oldest grand daughter (7 going on 12) and we looked at pictures

of peoples knives.  She is drawn to pinks and purples and really enjoyed looking.

Next I will have to try it with the 5 year old and see if I can hold her attention.

Thanks for the contest! Shared this with by friend (since 2nd grade) Chuck.

Congrats to Rome Rushing as our winner.  Please send me a message with your address and if this is a subscription or a renewal.  Thank you everyone for sharing and for paying attention.  Thank you all for being a valued friend here at iKC

Congrats Rome . I am sure that you will enjoy ! Thank you Jan for the opportunity . 

Congratulations Rome .... now you can sit down with your grand kids to peruse Knife Magazine together!

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