I have bought several knifes recently from area pawnshops at ridiculously low prices- New in box Remington Bullets for $29 and a Bose/ Case Mahoghany Saddlehorn for $49- These were no-brainers as I collect Case and Remingtons- Recently, however, I came across some beauties at what seemed like fantastic prices outside my immediate area of expertise-Passed on them until I could do some research on value-Now that I know what to look for when I go back to the shop, the question remains, to buy or not just cuz they are stupid cheap-I know I could resell them for a nice profit, but I am more of a collector/hoarder rather than a reseller-These are all knifes I would not normally collect- For example a Buck 184T Bushmaster( minus the sheath)  for $39- A Marbles Trailmaster with sheath for $79- Providing they are the real deal(not China) both excellent bargains- $100+ dollars is still a pretty good chunk to pay,even for great deals- What would you  do and why ??

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As far as myself goes......I'm not swayed by price. If I like it, I buy it. If I don't like it, I don't care how cheap it is I won't buy it. I'll put that money towards something I really want.

And I'm not a "buy a knife to make money on it later" collector. So I rarely sell anything, and IF I do I just try to get some of my money back (I like giving other people a good deal).........to put towards something else I want.

But, once again, that's just me. 

I tend to agree with Craig.  I am not a knife seller.  I have recently considered buying some just to put on ebay but you have to market.  FB, all that stuff to get lookers and buyers.  Just dont have the time right now 

I've done alot of that but am cutting back as I am getting to many knives.

I've done this several times and eventually I end up giving the knife away. Often this also ends up biting me in the butt.  I buy it and then a day or two later I come across something that I do collect but the cash flow isn't there.  More and more I resist the urge.  I've rarely felt bad about passing on a great knife that was outside of the normal knives I collect.  These days, I'd rather alert a fellow knife collector who I think would be happier with the knife.    You can't own them all.

I also buy what I like and tend to buy on impulse if I like something. I never sell, often givaway and use about all my knives. I say buy em if you like them!

Now if you are looking to make a little $$ and have the time you might buy and resell on eBay to make a few $. They do run specials all the time to entice folks to sell. Just remember to cover shipping and packaging.

to me, if they were brands i don't collect, and i could get them for a song....yes,i would. reason being, i could list them on ebay and the money made from them would roll over into my knife collection that will be a "keeper" that's how i always do anything i'm collecting, it offsets my habit of collecting so the wife isn't as fire breathing as she could be. if i can make ten bucks profit, in my mind, i'm like that's ten bucks toward __________ for my collection.

In the past I bought knives just to sell at a small antique booth my wife had, that is what kept her in business, but my old passion in knives returned and I didn't want to sell many of them. My wife's health went south so the business folded, which suited me and since I give them to younger folks whom I try to get interested in collecting. I usually give my friends' children a knife for graduation or other special occasions. My son, son-in-law, and my grandchildren also get ones for their use or to just enjoy. I have bought knives because they were cheap, but now am much more selective because the funds don't come easy, I don't sell on ebay, too much trouble. I try now to get ones that the younger ones that hunt, fish, or other outdoor sports will use and spark interest in the quality and usefulness of always having a good blade.

I only buy what I want to use, and what is legal to carry over here. It is always nice to make a few pounds instead of just spending , but I don't seem to have the same interest !

If I liked it, I'd buy.  Don't sell anything, so it'd be a keeper.

I have bought some knives because they were a good deal and have passed on others.  A lot depends on the mood I'm  in at the time.  Also how thick or thin the wallet is.    If it is one of the no longer made US brands that I don't have an example of, I am inclined to buy it.

I have never sold a knife.  I have given several away and lost a few.  That's the reason I don't carry an expensive EDC.  I have a tendency to lose knives.

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