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Did anyone else go for one of Mr. Campagna's newest creations? 

This knife is huge - I love it! Traditional slip-joint overload! 

Mine had to be delivered on a lowboy construction hauler 


Once the crew got it unloaded, I had a giant apple hauled in to test the knife's cutting abilities. Using the smallest blade (which would be the largest on most lesser knives) I was able to get this massive apple carved up. 

For size comparison, this knife is exactly the same length as a Buck 110! 

This is a shot taken from the GEC site (but re-hosted on mine so as to not steal their bandwidth) -

It gives you a little idea of just how massive this bad boy is! 

Anyone else lands one of these, feel free to post some pictures! 



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Great looking knife Andy, I did think about getting one but they are rather big  !!

I love the truck as well.

Ok, I am thinking there is not much about this knife I dont like!  Good catch Andy!

Nope haven't got my hands on one of those ... yet.

But would love to! Nice knife Andy!

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