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This beauty came in the mail today. This is the first example of Motley Bone I've held and I can tell you I'm sold. GEC sure does a good job on the fit and finish. I've got to say, it sure is a pleasure when the knife you get, is every bit as good and better than you'd hoped for.

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That is a very nice bone!  GEC does do a great job of F&F.  A small hands on Factory and Bill Howard is usually right there during any production.

Great looking knife! If I was going to start collecting by pattern again, this would be it. Nice and large, but slim, easy to open, but locks up tight, and a wide variety of great handle materials. I'd been thinking blue camel bone, but I think you changed my mind with this one.

I do like that bone Doug , I agree with you about GEC quality all mine have been first class .


 I haven't been collecting GEC's long enough to settle on any one pattern, but their Babylon Hill, Ben Hogan and Mako surely do catch my eye. They made The BH Special in smooth Motley Bone but I have yet to see one for sale. If anyone knows of other patterns with the jigged Motley bone I'd apprecite a heads up. I'm right with you on the Blue Camel bone but I think the only one they made with that is the Mako. The fishtail is great...reminds me of the old gravity knives...just wish they had made it as swing guard lockback, that would sure move it to the top of my list. I just picked up a 2008 Barlow with sawcut tan bone. I really like the bolsters, size and weight of the knife but they went a little over the top on the clip's pull...tore a good chunk of my thumb nail off trying to open it.

They have the Ben Hogan in green camel bone, maybe that's what I was thinking. They have a bunch here:


My only concern is the pull. The one I have now is a lockback and it pulls like a dream. These are all slipjoints. I've gone through this problem with the 72s (and 23s and 73s and, well, you name it) and had a few nailbreakers which I ended up trading or selling all of. Only when I finally got a lockback was the pull to my liking.

So what can expect from these green bones?

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