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I see numerous posts on FB knive pages where people use Beard and Owl Handkerchief's as their background. I found their website and most seem to be pretty costly for a handkerchief.

I was wondering if anyone owns, uses and or understands the allure? They are cool looking but 19 to over 30 bucks for a single handkerchief seems a bit much. Your thoughts?

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I've never even heard of them, Don.

I checked their website too, and they do look cool. That being said, I think I'll continue to shop at Hobby Lobby and buy s bandanna for a couple bucks.

I'm certain that a $30.00 hankie may appeal to some, but I can't see it.
J.J. I feel the same way. I see they do have some nice patterns but I can't figure out the allure.
$30.00 for a leather Knife slip?

Come on now. I like handcrafted goods, as much as the next person, but for these prices I could take a class in leather crafting.
Shoot, the boss lady already knows how to see. Wonder how many hankies she could get from a cotton print bedsheet?
On FB they have over 800 followers.
Not necessarily an indicator of an outstanding product. I'm not trying to down play an American business, but their prices are seemingly well above what you receive.
Aquafina bottled water, which comes from municipal water supplies, has over 69,000 followers.

I have , I think , seen them on Mr Oeser's Facebook page . Beautiful knives that I can't afford either. As for handkerchief's at that price I could buy an awful lot of tissues .

Each to his own though I know a lot of people who think a $100 is a lot to pay for a knife .

I could do with buying a new wallet and looked at some on line $100 for a wallet I could buy a new knife for that . If I paid that much for a wallet there would be very little left to put in it , £10 from the local market will be more likely .


Just checked their web site .. that's some pricey merchandise .. out of my league !!!

Some good points made. I haven't seen a knife on their page but I did see accessories and handkerchiefs. I'll keep an eye out and see. Thanks everyone!!

My mistake it is "Fox Hanx" that are sold and often seen with Jared Oeser's knives , rather than Beard and Owl.

Still can't afford either though .

It's pocket jewelry.  The same can be said about knives, but I like knives more than hankies.  Just like John expressed, I see expensive, nice looking things & think often about how I could buy something much more modestly priced & put the rest of that money toward a knife (or a backpack or other bags & pouches).  

I can understand the allure, they have some nice designs (& they're a  small American business, like many craft beer companies) -- just not what I'd prefer to spend a lot of money on.

But if Beard & Owl wanted to send me a few to test & review, I think I could do them that favor...  :)

Ya know, thats not a bad take on this DLKG. One man's poison is another's champagne !!

If I paid that much for a hankie, I just couldn't bring myself to blow my nose in it!  LOL

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