I just wanted to take a minute to thank our members that regularly take the time to welcome new members to iKC.

It's our members that make us the friendliest site, on the web.  Making new members feel welcome encourages them to participate in ways that other groups only wish they could have.

Thanks for being here.

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Thank you J. J.  I try to send a welcome message to all new members.  If they mention shooting or firearms in their interests or hobbies, I also invite them to join the Arsenal group.

It is my pleasure to welcome the new members. I appreciate each and everyone of the them. I have never felt so welcome, in any group, as I do this one. I want others to feel the same way. 

!!! .. Thank you , JJ , for posting this discussion .. !!!


I personally believe it can not be over emphasized how very important it is to the growth of this community.

Some may find it ironic that I make that statement .. since I am not one of those who actively participate in the "Welcome Wagon".

I did ..but.. simply ran out of steam. It is because of that that I commend those who do .. I realize the effort involved.


Thanks again , JJ , for bringing this to the attention of all.


I agree, J.J.! Our members make this place what it is. Unlike some other places that swamp you with warnings, fees, restrictions and elitism, we openly welcome anyone that wishes to join. Gotta love the drama free environment here. I always love seeing the comments from new folk saying how surprised and pleased they are with the welcome and acceptance they get here. This is a helluva place to be, and we ALL make it that way. Kudos to our awesome members!

When I joined iKC what immediately stood out from other forums was the warm welcome . Most forums do not do that in my experience in fact one or two seem to go out of their way to discourage "noobs" !!

For those that welcome our newest members, Thank You !

From my first welcome at iKC I knew this community was different.  No matter how much we grow, the goal is for the environment to always be as all of you have described it.  A member recently said to me

iKnifeCollector certainly helps us meet some great people. I really appreciate the kindness. In today's world, it seems like people have lost that...as well as a sense of basic common courtesy. I've found just the opposite on iKnifeCollector. It is a great thing to see.

It is the members that bring the sense of welcome and community to our pages.  We may be throw back, but we are happy for all knife collectors to be here with us.  I am personally grateful to all !

iKC does the spirit good.

I can remember, when tied to a desktop, coming home from vacation and going back and welcoming as many as 20 new members that joined while I was away. I'm glad that there are those among us that also take the time to extend a hand to the new members.

Just thought I would bring this out, dust it off and say Thank you again to all our members that help new members feel welcome :)

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