I was recently asked what was my favorite pocket knife style. I did not know the answer but said I know what I like when I see it. Hope I am not alone in this indecsion.

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Not at all.  I have evolved from a collector to a lover of all things sharp.  Our collection started  out as Case knives, now it is what we like when we see it LOL

I'm partial to 3 to 5 layer SAK's  and Case 3 blade Sowbelly's after that I have some small 1 blade folders

like my Kershaw Chive that often gets back up from one the above knives.  But overall I'm a lover of

anything that's sharp , knifes / hatchets / axes  etc.. The list is endless

WHITTLERS...Those are my favorite.

However, I've got a Victorinox Recruit in my pocket, alongside a Japanese Higonokami.

Old & rare stampings


Lockback whittlers




automatics, in general


cutting instruments w/ superior blade steel


friction folders


cutting instrument that do not appear to be cutting instruments


items that can be sharpened to cut things


Yup, I think I'm in the same boat.

Not at all!  Seems similar to the "How many knives are in your collection?" question. 

When I first joined my local knife collecting club, I got hit with the "What kind of knives do you collect?" question a lot.  That's a viable question, one meant to bring collectors together, certainly well-intentioned.  Unfortunately it also tends to really expose the differences between collectors, both in tastes & collecting styles.  My first impulse was a sarcastic one that I had to fight:  "Um, the ones with blades...?"

But there are so many different kinds of knives & ways to collect -- it's like putting history geeks together -- then realizing you've got ancient Asian historians milling about with modern American historians & everything in between.

I tend to move about different focuses in my overall collection, & I would get bored with only collecting one type of knife from one manufacturer (for example), but the latter certainly works for some people quite well.

Regardless, the most valuable aspect of this type of question is the opportunity for introspection it gives us.  It's easy to just go about our collections knowing that we like what we like.  But as you stated in the title of this thread, it's really interesting to analyze what we like, & usually that's intertwined with the question as to why we like it.  This often leads us to looking at our collection in new ways -- or at least to spending more time & thought on our collection, & that's seldom a bad thing.

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