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Kenneth Hill, a truly funny guy that loved his knives, has left this world behind. May God Bless and keep his family and friends in this time of sorrow.

I will miss you Kenny, you never failed to make me smile.  For that I will always remember you!

I heard about his passing on facebook in the great eastern cutlery club. I've thought about Kenneth several times in the last 24 hours. I've prayed for him and his family. It's hard to believe he's no longer with us. We only chatted a couple of times but he made an impression on my heart. I remember when I first seen his picture with a cowboy hat, leather vest and 6 slinger in his hand, I though to myself... that dude is styling, then I put 2 and 2 together and figured out between his comments and opening knives with his feet or knees and his name on BF and AAPK that he only had one arm. I was like damn this dude is a knife lover for sure. I will miss his enthusiasm for knives and his community support. It makes me think of the things I take for granite everyday... I know he loved the Lord Jesus and is in paradise with our and Savor... no more pain...no sorrow. God bless him and his loved ones. R.I.P. Stay tough n cool - Ralph Nelson

iKnifeCollector.com is sorry to heard of the passing of legendary master bladesmith Bill Bagwell, one of the four founding members of the American Bladesmith Society. Bill became a full-time knifemaker in 1969 and is believed to have been the second modern bladesmith to achieve the making of pattern welded damascus steel. In addition to pattern welded steel, Bill also perfected cable damascus techniques and frequently used plain carbon steel in his blades as well.

Go with God Bob.

That's a gut punch for sure! A few years back when I became interested in Bowie knives is when I first became acquainted with Mr. Bagwell's influence on not only the Bowie knife but knife making in general. He is another rare individual that cast a very long shadow in the bladesmithing world. My condolences to his friends and family.

Posted in our Status this morning

"A sad day in the knife world, Herman Williams passed away this morning. Rest in peace Herman, You will be missed by so many people."

A sad day indeed, Go with God Herman and may your friends and family know peace.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the family of Ronald Franklin and the members of the Soddy Daisy Knife Collectors Association. They have lost of member of the family dear to them all in T.J. Gilreath.

Lets lift up all those being effected by fires right now. John Kellog took this on his way out of town. This is down the street from his homeMay be an image of fire and outdoors

Just found this one, the view from Manx's house

May be an image of lake, nature and mountain

our own JJ Smith is in the hospital, his daughter posted this

My dad has been hospitalized due to sudden onset psychosis caused by COVID19. But this is being seen more and more for those in their late 30s through those in their early 70s. It is sudden, and right now the only thing Dr's can do is keep them hospitalized until they find the right range of meds to treat the symptoms. Even that doesn't guarantee a full recovery, or a quick one. It could be as short as 4 weeks, or longer than 6 months. And he could come back home permanently altered.

Lets raise up those prayers folks, please!

Best wishes and good thoughts, JJ! Thoughts to the family and friends as well.

JJ & family, we're all praying for you, & wishing you all well, as well as possible.  Covid is serious & scary, but we'll be optimistic for JJ & his whole family.  We'll be awaiting JJ's return!

Very sorry to hear the bad news about JJ, I am hoping he makes a full recovery soon.

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