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Hey guys, new to the forums here, just discovered this one today. I am an avid collector, of many things, but most relevant here would be knives of course. I have a fixed blade fetish that replaced my previously extensive folder collection. I have had Emerson’s, Benchmades, Striders, Hinderers, Ansos, Munroes, just to name a few. I am a huge fan and collector of Lee Reeves axes and knives, Adventure Sworn, SWC, And many others. I enjoy the woods, “bushcrafting”, canoeing, camping, etc.

I am working and subsequently living in PA, working pipeline. 

Anyways, looking forward to learning more and sharing what I can. 



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Well, "RC", welcome again, to iKC.

Look around to see what's all here.

Jump right in, and if you have any questions, just ask.  Someone will certainly pipe in.

Welcome Robert! We kinda stick to the "collect what makes you happy and to heck with anyone else!" theory, so you are good to go! Great to have you here, and as J.J .said, jump right in.

Good to have you here, Robert!


Happy to have you here with us! A couple groups that may interest you besides just the knives 

The Modern Survivalist

Outdoor Living

You jump right in to whatever looks good and let us know if there is anything we can help with.

PS we love pics :)

Welcome, Robert!

Welcome Robert!

I think you'll like it here.  Nice place, super nice and knowledgeable people, and have even made several good friends

"in person" that we meet up when we can.


Welcome. I'm new too.

and Welcome to you also Kevin

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