As always, first I want to thank TSA knives for the opportunity to give one of these away to a member here at iKC!

see the full size pic here

As fall sets in, I love to see how folks appreciate it.  I think it is appropriate for this knife based on the story of how they came about and how the handle materials were chosen...so here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

1) take a photo showing fall in your area, or wherever you happen to be

2) there MUST be a knife in the pic

3) extra ticket if iKC is in your pic

4) extra ticket if you carve a pumpkin for us

5) all entries must be posted in this discussion

The contest runs until October 31, 2015 at the witching hour (midnight eastern time)

Enter as often as you would like and HAVE SOME FUN!!!


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Hey I love that tree also!  It was the perfect place for that shot
dead_left_knife_guy said:

And a gratuitous iKC shot, under the same oak (I love that tree)...

What a great thread this is ;

You carry all of them  Dead , guess you have all threats covered there ,

Great pic Jan you sure have a great place to live by the looks of it .

Terrific family shot Tim , you are a lucky guy having such a great looking family .

And one of the ESEE Laser Strike -- blends in even in the light of day.  So far, my calls for a Laser Strike in Venom Green have gone unheard (maybe because most of those calls are actually me yelling in the back yard)...

Fall is Different things to different people, living in different places.
Here, (Mid MN) it can get colorful, until the Wind.
And lately, lots of Wind.

Couple of photos.  
First of Palma Grass, (After the Wind)
was a lot bushier before.
Cut some anyway, (for the photos).   A old Ulster Camper

Next Wild Flowers, GEC,  F&F,
(One of my favorites)
(Ya got any 2 blade ones laying about, Trade? )

Next Peppers, Mora.
(The dark spots on the blade, stains from the peppers).
Shortly, it will get polished, than a light coat of beeswax,
and wait till next Fall.

The little leather thing on my thumb, is just a thick piece  scrap leather, folded over, and crudely sewn shut, so it is a ‘tube’ like. Just slip it over the thumb, and you can cut, using your thumb as backstop. (And you will have to make a new one every year or so.)

One shot is of my Pepper drying rack.  It was a G.S. .50 cent cabnit. Insulated it, put in some shelves, The heat is Just a 60 Light bulb, and a old computer fan. Works Real good.

Now these photos, are ‘posed’,  as one hand, ‘working’, the other the camera.
But they do represent, some of the things I do with a knife.

The Wild Flower cutting is a big, and Fun, chore. Cut the seed heads off in the Fall,
and then toss them on the ground, in another area which has none. and about 20-30% grow.
(But I do have a old backpack, which I put in the front, and use both hands.)

The Peppers, Slice them up, take out the seeds, and dry them.
(But DO, wear Latex Gloves when doing that)

The Palama Grass, Little late for cutting, (Wind). The stuff I cut earlier, looked Much better.


That right there is what life is all about!

Some Fall colors from Pennsylvania and 2 Lon Humphrey White Tails and 3 Tim Britton knives

Tough one Jan. We don't get a dramatic change of seasons where I live, we don't even have many deciduous trees, so I can't show a typical "autumn" scene without driving to find one. Best I could do was show our native Milkweed losing it's blossoms, (our version of autumn leaves), and my laptop as the only representation of IKC I could think of, (it's actually online with the IKC logo on the screen, but it doesn't show in the photo). Of course the scythe is an appropriate "knife" for the theme I think, (I keep it around for zombie defense). Sorry, no pumpkins.

today is the last day to enter.  i am loving all the fall pics!  for those of you concerned about no color changes please dont be.  this is because i want to get to know where you all are, and i cant visit everyone lol.  it is nice to see fall where ever you are

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