I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section, but being new to the forum I don't know where it best fits in. I have 2 knives that I am not necessarily trying to sell, but would like to get an approximate value on. A friend gave these to me as "rent payment" a few years back and I am curious if the are worth what he claimed. The buck knife has no other markings anywhere. In case the images don't attach, the 6" buck knife is stamped Andujar Spain and the 3" skinning knife is stamped Ruko on one side and Muela Sabueso on the other. I appreciate any help in this and I will remove the post if it is in the wrong forum. Thank you.

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Those are some nice looking Spanish knives.  Information on these knives:  The single photo is of a knife from the brand Andujar; the other knife is from the brand Muela (model name "Sabueso").  They both appear to have stag handles.

I'm guessing they're both a couple years old, but I found the Muela Sabueso new at BladeHQ, retailing at $119.95:  


I was not able to locate the specific Andujar model, but from what I've seen online, its value is likely similar to the Muela's, maybe a little more...  This was the closest I could find:  https://www.aceros-de-hispania.com/knives-swords/mount-knife-anduja...

However, there are a lot of Andujar knives listed here:  https://www.aceros-de-hispania.com/andujar-knives.html

Good luck, & enjoy the knives!

Thank you.

Hi Nate - welcome to iKC!

Adding on to what Dead_Left already stated, you have a couple of very nice mid-range knives...by that I mean a dependable knife with quality materials between the $60.00 - 150.00 range when new.  

The Muela (pronounced Mew-ella) is particularly nice, but then I'm a Muela fan. Love 'em, love 'em.

Ruko is the exclusive wholesale US importer of Muela brand, and tend to be a higher priced shopping direct when compared to retailers like Blade HQ, Knife Country, and others. Your piece is a "Made for US" market item, which is why it is etched Ruko. From their web page: "RUKO® is the exclusive North American Importer for MUELA of Spain Knives, including high quality luxury, hunting and tactical products. Please take a moment to browse through our selection of these beautiful products. All knives come with the RUKO® Lifetime Warranty." Your model starts at $154.00 new on the Ruko site: https://rukoproducts.com/index.php?route=common/home  and there are currently 3 new ones on Ebay ranging from $105 - $128.00.

The Andujar is made by Andujar Knives of Spain and is on par with the old Monarch Sabre hunting knives from Germany in terms quality and price. To put in perspective - the Monarch, Sabre, and Monarch Sabre knives (think good, better, and best) were decent carbon steel knives that every dad had in the truck, tool box, or tackle box - and were sold from K-Mart to Sears. This is the kind of knife you buy when you want something that does the job, looks really cool, is a bit up-scale in materials, but you're not heart broken if it gets lost in the wild. Decent quality, good value for the price point, and dependable. Based on your photo alone, it looks to be a pretty decent camp/sport knife. When cleaned up - it would make a nice gift, even if used. Spend any time looking up Andujar Knives of Spain and you'll see that their models are EXTREMELY similar in design and materials to the Muela line. 

Because of the similarity in designs, materials, and they always seem be shown along with Muela knives, I would not be surprised if Andujar Knives of Spain (a.k.a. Andujar Cutlery) is part of the Muela Group, the Muela of Spain Knives parent company - sort of like Fiskar owning Gerber knives. I just can't find anything (yet) to substantiate if it is or not.

Hope this helps round it all out for you - and as Dead_Left_Knife_Guy stated....Enjoy them!

BTW - If you BBQ or smoke meat, try using your Muela Sabueso for prepping ribs or chicken hindquarters...I think you'll like how it will perform. How do I know? I'm so glad you asked!

I use my Muela 3162 for deboning pork butts and prepping ribs, and my Muela 98020 for preparing chicken hind quarters and deboning chicken thighs. Sure...they're game knives for field dressing and not kitchen cutlery - but they sure work great for the ol' smoke pit!

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