What is the oldest knife in your collection?? Not a contest and pics and input welcome

I thought it would be great to see some rare old beauties-- YOUR OLDEST KNIFE !! - This  is not a contest by any means to see who has the oldest, rarest, or most valuable. Only rules here are to show a photo with a description  and/or age if you know it-- If you don't know a darn thing about it other than if you believe it's old, tell us what you do or do not know about it. We have many folks here that might help you learn more. I don't care it it is 20,30, or a 120,130 years old. Just to get things started, I'll show mine-- An old Argyle Tuxedo pen knife- Germany- Circa 1910- 1930-- It was sold through Brown Brothers which was later called FW Woolworth- This one was my mother's ---

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My 1910 Robeson Shuredge Straight Razor.

Tim, that is sweet!  I may have to do a razor.  Have to think about what might be the oldest 

thanks jan

Great knife, nice condition, good history lesson.

I have this old razor.  It commemorates Admiral Dewey's victory over the Spanish fleet in the Spanish American war.  Since the war was in 1898, I assume the razor is over a hundred years old.  My sister bought it at an auction and gave it to me.

I know this knife is over a hundred years old because my grandmother got it at the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis.

Loving this-- Please share your pride and joys--- They might not ever get seen publicly if not  here-- Beauties  shown  already !! 

Martin Bros. Sheffield 1849-1854

This would have to be my oldest, Scottish probably from early 1700's.

Great knives and great photos everyone!  Thanks for sharing.

a birthday gift from my cousin, he found it at a local Trade days, paid less than 50 bucks said he knew I was collecting the family HISTORY pieces and thought i would like it....and of course I Luv it....it goes with me to shows I carry it in my pocket..it is a conversation piece....very little snap left in the blades but wow what a handle material and the pill bolster...makes you dream of what medicine man used this ...113 years old now . I am so proud to own this piece of knife history......................... kinda of a transition piece for sure the tang stamp is W. R. Case & Son...this was only a year or so that I can find in the Case History....Still trying to find out when they first started using the physician knife pattern too...

Oh the stories these pieces could share....I love this kind of discussion. It brings out the best of the best, no matter the condition. And that Dirk of Michael's...OMG, I think I am in love.

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