This is a question from me and I hope it will also be helpful for the entire knife community.

I personally have uses craigslist,Amazon, and estate sales to get most of my knives, I'm even currently searching eBay for a good deal on a benchmade mini griptillian.

So where do you get your knives?

Do you subscribe to catalogs, or have a favorite website/stores with really good deals?

Thanks for you time!!

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eBay has long been the default place I look (especially for knives & hawks directly from the maker), but then I found Amazon had some pretty good deals on production knives...  When I started off getting into knives, I went to BudK a lot, but haven't been able to take that company too seriously for quite some time.  Knifecenter.com is a perennial favorite -- incredible customer service too.  I keep planning to make a purchase over at Knifeworks.com, but I'm not sure I've actually purchased from them ever.  I got a Benchmade direct from the manufacturer, but there was a really good coupon I had. I have made some decent kitchen cutlery purchases from a local dealer here in Minneapolis called Eversharp Knives -- it's always nice to support local if you can. 

Recently I purchased my ESEE Laser Strike with the Smoky Mountain Knife Works exclusive smoke grey finish.  They put the ESEE's on sale at a competitive price, I bought my knife, & went on my merry way (I've also purchased from SMKW in the past).  For some reason a couple months later I went looking for ESEE knives on their website & there's not an ESEE to be found.  Guess that contractual relationship ended.  Weird.

Earlier this week I made my first purchase from Baryonyx Knife Company.  They've got a loyal following & I had to get a Condor with a special edge that they'll put on the knife.  I'll keep everyone here updated, but my hopes are high.  When I inquired as to when they would be getting the Condor Crotalus back in stock, I got an email from company owner Benjamin Bouchard himself saying it would be in in the next week to week and a half -- pretty cool to see this guy's name in an email to me after seeing him mentioned in a couple knife magazine articles.  Anyway, he emailed me when it came in & I went to the site shortly thereafter to put it in my cart & make the purchase.  There was only one in stock -- pretty sure Mr. Bouchard put in the order especially for me & then let me know -- without pressuring me -- that the knife had arrived in stock.  Pretty cool way to start a business relationship, I'd say.

And a now-local maker Robert Burns (of Wilderness Ironworks -- great Nordic-style pieces mostly, with some serious strength behind them) has been selling his handmade pieces on Etsy for a while -- I need to remember to get over there more often, since it might be a good up-&-coming place to look...

I have gotten my knives from a variety of places.  My main focus is on two brands, Case and Rough Rider, and two patterns, Case Mini Blackhorns and fish knives.

Most of my Case knives have come from Shepherd Hills Cutlery and SMKW.  I did get a couple of engraved Case knives from xxCutlery.  Of course the Mini Blackhorns are a subset of Case.  I got most of them off eBay and at least one from SHC.  I also got one Blackhorn from a local Case dealer.

My RR's came from eBay or SMKW.  I got most of my fish knives off eBay but a couple came from SMKW.

I had one custom knife made for me by a local maker.

Knives from the States , I am in the UK , I use TSA knives Greg is a great guy to do business with .


For Scandinavian knives I use ,


or ,


I can recommend these dealers and the two from Finland ship worldwide .

I have been collecting knives for many years and have a several sources for getting knives. Years ago, it started with Tag Sales and Flea Markets, and was surprised at what people sold for pennies on the dollar. Then I went on E-bay and was quite skeptical at first about buying collectible knives "online" for a decent price. I thought I would find over inflated prices or poor quality knives, but was mildly surprised at the selection and variety of knives I found. Most interesting I was finding very collectible knives that were priced rather cheaply as some were mislabeled by the people who posted them. I acquired several good pieces on E-bay and don't regret buying them there. Lastly, I put out the word I was a collector of knives and if anyone had any old knives they didn't want, they could give them to me? The response was quite interesting and I was given several knives that were quite rare finds, for free. One of the people I met was a Gun Dealer at Gun Shows and he said he was constantly getting knives from people at the Gun Shows for trades and some were quite impressive, and he said he was willing to give me some of them for a small price and even some for free...
A few of the Military knives I got were from Son's of friends that were or are in the Military and they gave them to me upon hearing I was an avid knife collector... That sums up the many places and people that I have gotten my wonderful knives from... That reminds me that I will have to post more photo's of recent knives that I have acquired... 

I get the majority of my knives through Amazon though I have gotten some through eBay and KnivesShipFree, A few of them are just old and I don't remember where I got them from. I like to use Amazon but their selection is getting slim lately, I think I've bought everything worth owning on there now.- :) I haven't yet been able to afford custom knife collecting or midtech for that matter, my Sebenza is still my best and most expensive blade.

I've been using and only buying Kershaws for the last year. I picked them up from Natchez Shooters' Supplies. I'm satisfied.

Picked up two Kershaws from AG Russell also.

I find SMKW's shipping costs too high. Over the years though, I've gotten some good deals from them.

knife shows, trade days, flea markets, garage sales..........gotta have hands on for a good look now days.....

last bought online was some mini trappers /mini coke bottles from Amazon.com got what I expected...lol

The last 2-3 years have been mostly gifted. I did trade out some for something more interesting/desirable. Other than that, I go to one of my local cutlery dealers.

From sites and blade forums, some are gifts. For the last two years I make my own knives.
I am getting most of my knives from Amazon and some from FleaBay.

However recently I started having problems with Amazon.

Received a blunt spyderco salt 1, a kershaw leek with fingerprints and even a footprint (I guess it was) and recently a buck 303 with absolutely no snap. Common with all three was that the boxes knives came in was scotch taped. I am not sure if they were shipping returns from other customers. I would like to know if other members had similar experience with Amazon lately.

Good thing with Amazon is the ease of returns, though.

I have a few knives on order from Knive Center, they seem to have good customer service, let's see how it goes.

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