Anyone else been asked, by someone, "What do you want for Christmas?"

Well, the Boss lady hit the family up with the question earlier than usual, this year.  My usually long list was unusually short. 

I'm actually fairly content these days and my "Wish List" required some thought.  The process went something like this...

I've got plenty of cloths, socks, underwater, and the like. (Got them for my birthday.)

Could always use some booze and cigars.  (Bourbon and a nice maduro stogie are great for front porch sitting.)

Got a new phone, back in July, so electronics are OK.

Running short of ideas, I start thinking of something in the sharp and pointy category.   For some reason my interests have diversified, somewhat, lately.  I'm still on the lookout for the linerlock version of the pocket ulu, and friction folders have become a fascination lately, so I had to dig deep for this one...

My list has a CASE "Trapper" Whittler on it.  Only CASE could do this to me, as I really don't like trappers.  In a nutshell, they put a sheepsfoot carving blade into a Trapper frame.  Sure it would have been better with a Wharncliffe, but that can be fixed.  

For those interested, its a SMKW exclusive, # CA21951...

There's mine, so I'm asking y'all, 

What's on YOUR list?

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I have ordered a Belgian Blue whetstone with a holder for my Christmas present . Just curious about them . I am not wanting any particular knife just now, unusual I know, but my latest Fallkniven is a better knife than I ever expected to own and for once I am satisfied !!

Just in case "Belgian Blue " sounds too much like Monty Python's parrot sketch ,


Be sure to post a review of the Belgiam blue stone, when you get it, John. Looks to be a nice one.

That stone looks great and yes I am looking forward to hearing about it also.

JJ,   Yes that looks like a whole wish list to me, takes a lot for you to be asking for a trapper, LOL

You know me too well, Jan.

My wishlist has only the Bark River Bush Seax Bantam-(pic courtesy of KSF)


  • Overall Length: 8.75 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.250 inches
  • Cutting Edge Length: 3.87 inches
  • Blade Height: 1.125 inch
  • Blade thickness: 0.135 inch
  • Blade steel: A-2 tool steel @ 58-60 RC
  • Weight: 5.63 ounces

I could go for one of those, also, Brad.

I really have to think about what would be on my mind and on a wish list for sharp things.....hmmmm

For the last several Christmases & birthdays & anniversaries I have taken much pleasure in coming up with knife & knife-related wish lists.  For some reason, not so much this year.  Actually, it's 2-fold.  Halloween took a lot out of me this year, I still haven't yet recovered.  I'm also really interested in being more thankful for the things I have this year, trying to make November an entire month of thanks (not sure it's going so well, but I have curbed my shopping & spending noticeably, so that in itself is a good thing -- I hate being such a consumer).

That said, the ESEE-6 (in Venom Green) has always seemed to be one of those ultimate knives for me.  So much so that I have been resistant to buying it because I'm afraid it might reduce my desire for other knives.  This year, it's #1 on my wish list (though there are some coming in close 2nd's).  Now, if they'd only make it in that fire ant red...

More recently, I have become enchanted by the Helle Utvaer (though it's pricey enough that I think the Eggen will have to act as a substitute on the list instead)...


Not being a fixed blade kind of guy, y'all are showing some that I could really like.

This knife looks like a bunch of fun to have. Turtleman Thunder Bowie USA

Yeyeyeyeye Live action!

·12C27N Sandvik steel blade with embellishment
·Marbleized camo polyresin handle scales custom designed by Michael Prater of Painted Pony® Custom Knives
·Brass guard and double rivets
·9-1/2" Blade
·Blade Thickness: 3/16"
·Blade Width: 2-1/8"
·14-7/8" overall
·Leather and camo nylon belt sheath
·Made in the USA

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