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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I took my husband out antiquing for his birthday. I came across a Youth NKCA knife. It has the the etching on the blade but with no year. I believe it was made by Queen Cutlery just on how it feels and looks compared to my other Queen knives. The only problem is there is no tang stamp. If someone could shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it.

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One of our members has documented all the NKCA youth knives here http://www.nkcayouth.com/

As far as youth knives are concerned, Carl Bradshaw is the best authority I know of

I was able to get a hold of him after I made this post and he informed me that it was a prototype from either the 2000 that did not get accepted or a 2001 that made the cut for that year. Thanks everyone!


I am thrilled you had an opportunity to get this knife and find it's origins!

I'm just glad I saved it, the man who had the antique booth just had in his pile of junk knives. It's far from being junk in my eyes! It was way nicer than anything in his good knives pile.

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