As some of you know, I have started working with one of our members from Pakistan to possibly promote his knives in the North American market. His mission is to prove that not every Pakistan knife is worthy of disgust and ridicule. To show that a maker from that region can be honest, honourable and fair. Long story short, Waqas has impressed me thus far with his standards, his communications and his purpose that I have agreed to put his knives to the test, and possibly help him with marketing them in North America.

Now...most of us have formed our own opinion of knives and steel from this region, and for good reason. Now...I come before you all to ask, "How can that initial impression be changed?"

I ask you all to help me assemble a series of tests meant to show that these knives actually CAN stand up to everyday usage. What kind of test would impress you? Nothing ridiculously destructive or over the top, but honest tests that will show whether or not these knives can be relied upon to get the job done. I am not trying to sell these in any way...I just want an honest person's opinion  of honest tests that might change some perceptions on the steel and craftsmanship from this region.

Cutting tests.

Stress tests.

Sharpening tests

An iKC members standard for a usable and reliable knife. I will take all suggestions, and put together a testing process that is provided by our members.  Keep it realistic,  I am not trying to prove they are indestructable, just that they can be bought with confidence, and not trepidation.

Soooo....any ideas?

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well one good test for anyknife is to be exposed tonweather. Wet weather, cold conditions. Grip tests, brittleness tests that type of thing, may tell you its a user.

I think that chopping through a small tree branch (1" to 1 1/2" diameter) and then check it for sharpness would give us a good idea on how it retains and edge. I have not put a lot of knives through tests but I would like to see how they hold up.

Well lets start with sharing the type of knives your thinking of testing.  I dont want you to go chop down a tree with a 2 inch pocket knife

All knives:
Cutting of manila rope and cardboard should suffice for cutting tests. As long as you have established sharpness beforehand.
Locking folders:
Clamping the blade in vise and hanging weights from the handles would test lock strength.
Fixed blades:
More aggressive cutting tests ie. chopping & batoning wood. Test blade rigidity by prying apart wood joined with nails.

Checking the edge for sharpness after every test.

That's what I would do.

Good. This is exactly what I want to hear. 

I sharpen a lot of knives for hunters and I have found that some of the knives from that area, the steel at the edge rolls and won't take a good edge. The only way to get a straight edge is to sharpen them backwards. Then after all your trouble, they won't stay sharp very long. Although, I have found some from that area that are decent.

When will these tests begin?

I hope to start on the weekend. My weekend is Monday/Tuesday. I will pick a handful of knives at random over the next day or two and post pics of them here. I imagine I will have to buy a few things for the tests, like rope and maybe some wood.

Was delayed this week due to work and home stuff. Am hoping to start this today after I get up. I welcome any ideas presented. Any more suggestions? Kinda broke right now, but can find wood and cardboard at work. Rope might be an issue. Any particular kind of rope?

Have to talk to Randy as well. He says he has some ideas to test Damascus. Feel free to pitch in!

Thanks folks!

Cheap 1/2" or 3/4" Manila rope will suffice. My test for the Brazilian knives was done mostly with what I had on hand at home.Walk around your garage and shed and find stuff to test the edge, point and strength of those knives.

Now, don't try the entrenching or combative knife test. I am sure your 300 series ZT's and your 581 Barrage would put divets in those test knives easily.


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