Hello, I'm new to the site and have been collecting old and new knifes for afew years now, I got this Buck 112 #062 of 250 with all paperwork in perfect condition, can't find a lot about the year it was offered and a Value it's worth, any info on this would be great


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Trying to add more pics not sure why it's not letting me
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Hi, I found this in the special projects information for Buck Knives.  However there appears to be a discrepancy as the information says there were 660 made but your knife is 62 of 250.

Year of Introduction 1990
Project Number 556
ECN Number 659
Catalog Number 8184
Model 110
Model Number 110E7
Name or Theme Steam Locomotive- Train
Quantity Produced 660
MSRP at Issue $197
Latest Estimated Market Value $125
Tang Stamp 1990
Serial Numbering xxx/1000
Frame Brass
Handle Ebony
Features Gold etch blade, COA
Sheath No
Packaging Marble Cover Box or Jewel Box

Kelly, if that is an upside down V in the tang stamp, the knife was made in 1988. You can determine the year of manufacture of a Buck knife at this site.


I did know that they have made a lot of different scenes ( deer, ducks, trains, and mr buck himself, I did see afew Duck scenes on ebay for $299 course not bids, mine has all the papers and the case shown in the pics, I got it in a lot of knives I did some trading on and have less than $50 in this

Hello again, sorry my search found a 110 details and after i looked at you second picture I realised that the knife was a 112.  The actual details are shown below the year produced is shown as 1991 although I agree that the tang stamp is 1988 as posted by Charles Sample.  I can't explain that.

Year of Introduction 1991
Project Number 558
ECN Number 661
Catalog Number 1054
Model 112
Model Number 112EB
Name or Theme Steam Locomotive 1 of 250
Quantity Produced 250
MSRP at Issue $150
Latest Estimated Market Value $125
Tang Stamp 1991
Serial Numbering xxx/250
Frame Brass
Handle Ebony
Features Gold etch blade, COA
Sheath No
Packaging Jewel Box
Not sure why either on the 88 date and the 91 date, not looking to sale this but to keep and pass down to my kids, in the above info this knife is at the least worth $125 ? Or is this something that has become hard to find and worth more being 28 years in this condition ?


'Stunning blade!!


Excellent information from both you and Charles Sample!  Thanks Guys 

Thank you Guys for your help in this very nice Buck loco knife, your info has been helpful and anything else you may find out please let me know, I would like to think that the value is over $125, but I'm sure at under $50 I didn't get hurt at all on the deal


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