I was wondering if any one new of a good price guide website or book out there.  One of my friends that collect said try Tony Foster Collector guide but I can't seem to find on the web. He said it was a paid website.

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Many people use Fosters guide, but Foster is a dealer and some of the prices in his "guide" are kinda crazy.  I always use Steve Pifer's books, research ebay sold items and place my ear to the ground.  LOL.  

I've got an older copy of Fosters at home that has contact information on it.  I'll look later and get back with you on it.

I have heard AAPK was good on line source!   

Myself I use ebay Sold listings to determine the price I will pay for any knife..  Being in Tennessee the Tax Burden is almost 10% of the total cost when I do buy on ebay and i do take Tax and shipping into account !.   I have many older Books including Ferguson, Sargent ,and Parkers to use as reference  & to identify Fakes I see on ebay. If you have the time get an ebay account look over the listings put those your interested in on your page to follow then when they sell see what they sold for,  copy the pictures to your computer with the sale price BUILD your own reference library. Knife collecting is an on going hobby. A marathon Not a sprint race.  Good luck and stay sharp.

Heres the cover off of the copy I have, it has contact information on it that you can use.  Hope this is helpful.

Thanks Andy I really appreciate it. I called the numbers nothing on that, but I emailed him. Thanks Again

Andy Larrison said:

Heres the cover off of the copy I have, it has contact information on it that you can use.  Hope this is helpful.

Tony Foster's price guide is his own personal list of what he sales knives for.....this is not the guide for actual price he would pay per say.....similar to the Blue book for auto's.........We have found over the years his price guide runs with the current trends also....so it like reflected when the interest for the handle material rough black and smooth black was showing a come back for buyers/sellers. It is worth buying for keeping records of what you have also and what you might want to  acquire.

There are also lots of books out on the market that do also list general prices of knives, you might want to look out for them also.

One of the best things is to read read read, and inspect knives with loop before you buy. Reputable sales people have the story of their knives also they share so ask them questions.

Happy Hunting........

I believe he will allow you to download his PDF price guide for a price.  Several years

ago I was at a knife show and you could either buy his printed copy or pay xx dollars

to download his file ( then you could print it too if  you want)'  His guide seemed

very thorough.


I agree with everyone....LOL....  There's just not 1 good source to choose from.  It seems the value of knives changes with the tide at times.

-ebay "sold" listings.....great source and is actually what people are paying for them

-Fosters......correct....his personal price list for what "he" "WANTS" to sell his at

-Steve Pfiefers books......a bit out dated, but still relevant  with amazing information.

-AAPK.....amazing information on this site, I personally haven't used this site for pricing, but there are many extremely knowledgeable folks on here willing to offer you their opinions and share what they've learned.

-KNIFEdb.net:  This one is populated with input from collectors.  It's an extensive data base assembled over the last several years by a few dedicated collectors.  It lists knives up to 2010 and earlier of course.  The difference in this one is that many of the listings are from actual collectors who are simply sharing what they paid for a knife along with some photos representing the "specifics" of each knife.  They also have input the "item number" from the newer Case boxes which makes it easier to search for some of the SFO's that you find.

Study, study, ask questions like you're doing.  

Remember:  You're buying a knife, not a story.

The price list on the for sale portion of AAPK is pretty much the going rate based on the

specific condition of the specific knife.  eBay  sold listing can be deceiving- sometimes you can

get a really great deal,; sometimes there is a bidding war and the price is too much.   



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