Whenever I'm deciding which of my EDC blades to take with me for the day I always have a hard time choosing. I always end up carrying more than one, Five to be exact. Does anyone else have a hard time deciding which knife to carry so you end up taking more than one? If so which two do you have the most trouble with deciding on?

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As I stated earlier on this thread, my EDC changes on a daily basis, (depending on how many pockets I have). I always have a belt sheath on each hip, and when I wear pants with cargo pockets I may have as many as 5 knives on me.

Today was a three knife day: a 1970's Craftsman #95232 4" folding hunter on the right, (traditional lock blade), a 4" Case Seahorse Whittler on the left side. In the pocket was a 1960's Robeson Barlow. For safety and/or defense, no matter how many I carry, at least one is always a lock blade.

As soon as I saw this group I knew it was for me. Got my 1st knife at 12 years of age from my Grandma. That was 48 years ago and been carrying at least one every day since then. Now that I'm retired there's usually 3-6 knives on me somewhere most days. There's one in my front jeans pocket for cutting boxes open and such, a little gentleman's knife of some kind in my vest pocket, one of my 'fancy' knives on my belt for showing off, and usually one or two tacticals somewhere. My current favorite is a Blackjack Yukon Skinner with stag scales from Seki. It's not a cutter, just a showin' off knife. I always have trouble putting a new knife in a show case without carrying it for at least a few days. My 1st wife got me the Buck 110 below for my birthday in 1983 and it has been through the wars. Just spent an entire day bringing it back to life last month. Not much to look at, but I wouldn't trade it for 3 Randalls.


Some knives are more precious than gold!  I love that you carry just a showin' off knife.  I usually have at least one of those when I go to a show, just depends on the show I go to which one it may be

I usually have three knives on me, they are all working knives . Have to be carefull carrying fixed blades here, if your coat or shirt covers a fixed blade is considered concealed and against the law....yes crazy

I love that this thread has been revisited!  Frankly I'm not sure if I've commented here or not, but if I did, I'm certain I'm carrying some different knives than I would've been back then.  And yes, that's more than one knife.

While at my office job lately I've only been pocket-carrying a Wenger SAK-type knife (w/ serrated scissors, very useful), though sometimes I'll carry a larger locking knife -- usually a Kershaw Blur, though I like to mix it up a bit. 

In my commuting/work backpack, I always have a Leatherman Charge ALX, as well as at least one Victorinox SAK & one other locking blade folder.  In my vehicle, another multitool (Gerber) & a Victorinox Classic (nothing too expensive -- my vehicle has been broken into too often to store valuables in it).

At home, it really varies, but if only one, it's usually that Wenger SAK.  I've found, over the years, that I also like to have light pockets.

I have been carrying my Spyderco Tenacious for awhile along with my Victorinox Climber2. The Victorinox has been in my pocket for about 5 years now. I change the other one from time to time. Last one was the Kershaw Vapor. I have a SOG fixed blade in my work truck along with several box cutters and other misc knives. I also have misc knives in my office drawers when I am in the office.

I probably have two dozen knives that could be EDC, but I am a carver who works in various cafés, so the only knife I have in my pocket is a very nice MasterCarver with a single blade. I carry other knives when I want to show-and-tell, even though it's hard to find anyone who cares!

Usually 4 for me. My little SOG Flash1 in my front pocket, my Benchmade Barrage in my back pocket, and my Zero Tolerance 0300 in a belt pouch. I also have a CardSharp in my wallet, but I always forget I have that one. :-)

Been awhile since I've posted in this group and my EDC rotation has changed. I don't EDC any collectible knife that wasn't already used at the time that I bought it. With the exception of a Busse Natural Outlaw that only comes out when I'll be in certain areas or around certain people.  Better to have it and not need it. There's always a Spyderco Native in my boot, either an Al Mar eagle Talon or one of the old Seki made Browning folders in my pants or vest pocket, and either a fixed blade or larger folder on my belt. Most of the time there's a custom Mark McCoun tactical Fighter on my belt. Mark forges a lot of knives and tomahawks for service members, particularly SOF guys. I have one of his hawks and several knives. The finish is forged so they're not what most collectors would call pretty. But I'll take one of his knives into any situation over a hundred pretty ones. Others include a Seki made Beretta skinner, a Buck 110 given to me new in 1984, an Al Mar SERE, a SOG Tomcat 1 with custom burl wood scales, and a SOG Tomcat 2. These were all carried and used prior to my acquiring them so their value was already diminished. A lot of people think I have a problem due to carrying 3 to 5 knives daily. Each has a specific purpose and what people think of me is none of my business. The burl scales on the SOG Tomcat 1 were done by myself, along with all of the sheaths except for the Beretta skinner.


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