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My passion is about fisherman's knives. Hope to meet and talk with others that collect them

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This would be the place! If you fish and you love knives having a passion for fishing knives seems to be inevitable.

Here is a part of my fish knife collection.  Since taking this picture I have added nine more.  They are all two blade folders.

My Fish Knife Collection

Quenn #46 1 of 70 2005 Winterbottom Bone USA
GEC 651213 USA
Buck 387 2014 China
Rough Rider RR1401 China
Frost Ocoee River China
Richards Sheffield England
North American Fishing Club (Probably China)
Imperial c.1936-1956 USA
Ideal Knife Company USA

Ka-Bar T29 Olean NY
Imperial Ireland
Western 751 Boulder Colo.
Providence Cutlery Prov. RI
Imperial c.1956-1988 Prov. RI
Colonial Prov. USA
Imperial Diamond Edge c.1956-1988 USA
Fish Knife Pakistan

You have a few I would like to get one day. Great Collection. 

Love that old folding Kabar. Had one when I was a kid but somehow lost it in a back country jeep ride to that secret honey hole. Haven't even thought about it until now. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice collection Charles. Now you truly are into these large angler toothpicks. I have 2 or 3 toothpicks one is 3.5 " or 3.75". None are specifically for anglers. Later when I have my knives out I will come back and post some pictures. Using a new phone to post this reply with. Sure need a lot more practice with it! I prefer to fish for channel cats and,flathead catfish. At a local lake called Olathe Lake. Named after the city I live in Olathe, Kansas. Olathe Lake is a fairly old Lake. Formned by damning up a stream. Originally made for supplying Olathe with drinking water (running water). Oh well thought I would get in on this group. Nice to meet you all.

Nice to meet you Calvin.  I lived in Topeka for six years, 1977 to 1983.  There was a municipal lake of about 200 acres a mile from my house.  I would fish in it.  One day I stopped on my way home from work to cast a few times.  I hooked a fish.  When I got it landed it was a northern pike.  There I was with nothing to work with.  How was I going to get my hook out of that mouth full of teeth?  Finally I stuck a stick in its mouth so it couldn't close it and was able to get the hook out.

Here is the latest addition to my fish knife collection.

That's a fine looking knife, Charles.

Thanks J. J.

Wow! That 31 looks mint! I keep looking but they keep slipping away on me. All those sniping apps have sucked the fun out of eBay. Great find, Charles!

The sniping has also made it harder to get a good deal on eBay.  I have done some sniping myself, especially if it is something I really want.  What is that saying, if you can't beat them, join them.  This knife I didn't get on eBay.  I bought it from Gus Marsh.


Tobias Gibson said:

Wow! That 31 looks mint! I keep looking but they keep slipping away on me. All those sniping apps have sucked the fun out of eBay. Great find, Charles!

Just added another fish knife to my collection.  It was a birthday present from my daughter.  It is a Schrade 1UH fish knife.


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