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Picked up two purpose made Fish Cleavers.  On is made by Ka-Bar, the other by Robeson.   I'm not sure if anyone is still making these but they really seemed to be a perfect size for cutting bait fish or clipping the head and tails off of fish you're cleaning.  

I plan on putting them to use in the near future.   I'm sure any small cleaver would do just as good but as these have a scaler added, they just seemed a perfect addition to the collection and the tackle box.   The Robeson is really an interesting take with its center mounted handle.  Both approximately 10 inches overall with a 5 inch cutting edge.  The Robeson is seems slightly lighter but that may be bacause of the center mounted handle giving the blade a better balance.



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Tween you and me, Toby, I like the looks of the KA-BAR a bit better.

Although the Robeson looks a little funny to me, I think it is going to work well.  I like that it has room too not bust knuckles on smaller fish

J. J. I agree. The Ka-Bar looks better, partly because it is what you expect a cleaver to look like. The Robeson is just more interesting.

I think the scaler will be more functional on the Robeson. I think the Ka-Bar is more likely to chop better. Either way it was interesting to find cleavers purpose built for the angler.

Right now I'm looking to see if any one made a fish cleaver with a built in cap-lifter. LOL!

From what I am seeing online, seems the KaBar is a pretty unique design, most I see are center handles.


and then there is this (?)


Ah, of course!  I have one of those Kabar cleavers, & I was just getting ready to sell it online.  But with fishing season here, maybe I should put it to use instead...  Thanks for the post, Tobias!


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