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Knife Repair, Modification, Restoration & Improvement


Knife Repair, Modification, Restoration & Improvement

This group is hosted by D ale, for knife enthusiasts who are interested in repairing, modifiying, restoring or improving knives, including fixed blades, folders and automatics of all types.

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What type of epoxy/glue to use for attaching scales

Started by Wally Guittard. Last reply by Wally Guittard May 15. 12 Replies

  Its been a while since I posted here. My question pertains to my project Buck 317. Where I'm replacing the factory scale with Black Walnut wood scales.  So far I have the scales fitted to the knife frame but they still need to be trimmed for the…Continue

Slipjoint Repair Tutorial

Started by D ale. Last reply by D ale Mar 6. 5 Replies

I came across a good tutorial for repair of slipjoints & am re-posting here for all to use.NOTE: I attached said tutorial in an *.html format ..which.. should be view-able by…Continue

Restoring scales

Started by Scott Giacoppo. Last reply by Scott Giacoppo Mar 5. 3 Replies

just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to bring back the luster in the various types of old scales. I really enjoy shining and polishing old beat up knives but haven’t been able to really do much with the scales.Any advice would be…Continue

MODIFICATIONS .. personalizing our knives !!!!

Started by D ale. Last reply by Jan Carter Mar 4. 119 Replies

Many of us have dreamt of  "improving"  our knives.Some have even implemented their improvements.Here is a place to share and document those modifications.Before & after pics are great .. I realize this isn't always possible .. I did some of…Continue

Cleaned and shined

Started by Scott Giacoppo. Last reply by Scott Giacoppo Mar 2. 6 Replies

found this in a box at a thrift store, scrubbed her clean and polished. Next time will get before pixs…Continue

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Comment by Jan Carter on December 22, 2017 at 10:54

Has anyone used this book?

Knife Repair & Restoration

Comment by Jan Carter on December 12, 2017 at 17:08

Comment by Jan Carter on November 27, 2017 at 18:17

This may make an awesome project for someone!!!Cargill handmade folder sliplock but with a big chip ot of the wood...

If the link does not take you there just go to Bruce Voyles newest auction and it is item #22

Comment by Jan Carter on September 25, 2017 at 16:44

This is very like the one Donnie started with.  We bought it at Northern tool

Comment by D ale on September 24, 2017 at 15:44


A simple1 X 30 belt sander will go a long ways in helping with the rough profiling of scales.

NOTE: I state "rough" because it is easy to remove more than the desired amount if one lacks experience. I would suggest final forming with a small file ..or.. needle files. They are "reasonably" priced ..&.. tis likely what MANY of us started with as our first belt sander. Also, never toss out old worn belts ..as.. they can be implemented as a higher than originally rated grit belt.
Central Machinery® 60543 1 " x 30 " Belt Sander

Comment by Wally Guittard on June 22, 2017 at 13:52

I've been very busy with many projects and finally have got most of them done.. :). As to the 317 it is progressing  just a bit. I have managed to get the blades back to a point with a lot of work and I also discovered that the main blade has had the tip broken before and its been redone and then the tip was broken again by the time I got it.

 So its close to a quarter inch shorter that the stock blade. I have been looking for tools to shape the scales after they are cut and came a cross a dremel kit with a most every thing I will need. 

  I have the balsa wood and the black walnut for the scales is on its way. One of the few problems will be removing the scale on the other side and I've decided the trim the pin that holds it on. However I will be sure its stable. 

Comment by D ale on May 31, 2017 at 23:23



The absence of any tools is a detriment to accomplishing this yourself. It does throw a definite impediment into the process.


However, you do imply you've the skills & confidence to fabricate a pattern out of balsa wood .. that is a very positive attribute.


A set of wood scale material may not be as pricey as you anticipate ..as.. they can be obtained in the range of $5 ~ $10 .. less if you have some appropriately sized "scraps" available for use.


NOTE: The highlighted & underlined "price range" is a link to a source for said scale blanks. If you click on the link .. it should take you to the site. Other options are certainly out there.


I agree that wood is easier to work with. Simple hand tools .. coping saw, rasp, file, sandpaper, etc .. are all that is required. While the same is true for bone .. jigged bone is typically a bit more expensive. I personally find the natural wood grain more aesthetically pleasing. My wife absolutely refuses to entertain anything but.


... I believe ...

The biggest hurdle for you is the removal & replacement of the center backspring pin. I could think of ways around that ..if.. you were interested. However .. most of us would remove the existing center backspring pin & re-introduce a new one in the process. Correct me if I am wrong ..AND.. no offense intended ..BUT.. I suspect that to be pushing your comfort zone. Again .. I could suggest (legitimate) methods to replace the scales without removing the center backspring pin. However .. most of us would replace the center backspring pin in the process.


Adhesives .. there exist a # of 2-part epoxies that will sufficiently secure any replacement scales in place.There are choices you can make & things you can do to further enhance the success of using adhesives ... roughing up the mating surfaces .. correct choice of adhesive .. etc.


Wally .. would you post a pic of the blades. You've intimated the tips are broken. How badly are they damaged ?  Would you wish them restored, i.e. reground to a point ??


Thanks again for joining our "Repair & Mod" group.



D ale

Comment by Wally Guittard on May 31, 2017 at 18:39

I've not got any tools I could work wood or bone with but I do have an idea. I used to build model planes using Balsa wood when I was around 11 yrs old.

  I got to thinking about using Balsa wood to make the pattern and use it get where it fit the frame of the 317 and the wood is soft enough that I should be able to use it to make sure it fits the frame and mounting holes in the frame.

  Then I could select the type wood I wanted use and have a ready made pattern to follow while making the scale or if I need to have some one else make the pattern.

  Black Walnut come to mind as a wood to use for the scales. however that wood is harder than a rock and pretty expenseve or at least it was 25 or 30 yrs ago. There are several other types I given some thought to.

   Bone scales would be very nice, however I'm not a fan of the bone scales as they do not feel right in my hand. I have an Uncle Henry folding hunter with the bone scales and they make it feel like its way bigger than it is and it feels uncomfortable in my hand.

  So I'm thinking of using wood scales as replacements. Wood would be easier for me to work with and with the balsa wood pattern the scales could be cut and all I would need to do is finish them out. 

  But here's the kicker. I have no way to mount the scales or do I know how to mount them or brad the one pin that us used to help hold the scales on the frame and if any kind of a glue is used to help hold the scales on. 

  So it would probably be better for me to have it done.

Comment by D ale on May 31, 2017 at 8:48

Thanks for transferring the pertinent pics, Jan.

I'm w/ Derek on this one .. it would be a great time to replace both scales. And the old scale on the other side could be used as a "pattern" when making the new scales. The choice of material for new scales is almost endless & the result would be very unique.


Wally .. what exactly are your questions Re: the scale replacement. Also, what tools do you have at your disposal ?



D ale

Comment by Jan Carter on May 30, 2017 at 18:36

Hi Ya'll.  A newer member posted a discussion that I think would be best in here, so here is the link Buck 317

missing scale side 


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


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